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Jason Stephens
Jason stephens.jpg
Occupation Professional Voice Actor
Professional Celebrity Impersonator
Known for Morgan Freeman
Christopher Walken
Website https://jasonsvoices.com/

Jason Stephens is a professional voice actor and a comedian working with Game Society. He is known for his celebrity impressions of Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. Aside from working on the Game Society channel, he has provided professional voice acting for television, radio, games, and more.

He is the owner of The Monkey Business Institute in Madison, Wisconsin.

Early life and education

Jason was a long time resident of Madison, Wisconsin. He has since moved to the suburbs of Madison, where his studio is located.

Jason's Voices

Jason is well known for the voice of Christopher Walken, Barack Obama, and Morgan Freeman in a series Machinima has collectively termed the "Walkenthrough."[1]

On the Game Society channel, Jason has also narrated for 7 Days to Die and voices for the speaking dog, Rex, in Fallout New Vegas For Pimps. He has also joined the other members of the Game Society in the game Gang Beasts, where he does celebrity impressions of not only the above mentioned but others in his repertoire like John Madden.

On Aaron Yonda's other channel, Blame Society Films, Jason appears as a regular guest comedian on the show Beer and Board Games.

In television, Jason's Morgan Freeman and Barack Obama impressions have appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the TruTV series Six Degrees of Everything.[2][3]

Jason has provided voice overs for movie trailers and game trailers such as BBB's Haunted House and Injustice 2[4][5] and have voiced for characters in the game Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator and SureAI's Enderal.

Equipment and studio

Jason uses a Sennheiser MK4 large diaphragm condenser microphone, an M-Audio digital interface, and ProTools 10.[6] His studio, located on his property, was professionally built by One Stall Workshop. In order to reduce noise transference, the studio was built inside a large garage and is similar in nature to a "box" with its walls separated from the garage walls, ceiling, and floor. The garage itself had soundproof windows installed and the studio was painted and decorated with red LED strip lighting. The recording booth is further insulated with acoustic foam tiles. [7]


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