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Huniepop game society.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 26
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release January 22 (2016-01-22) – December 22, 2016 (2016-12-22)
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REMASTERED Complete Series

Aaron and Emre hilariously play the game Huniepop. The objective of the game is to sleep with all the "hot" girls in town. In order to advance in the game, the player must beat a puzzle mini-game slightly resembling Candy Crush or Bejeweled.

In pursuit of the girls, some girls are well liked, some are hated by the Game Society Pimps. Emre is a big fan of the large breasted Celeste. Aaron seems to have a soft spot for innocent Beli, if only to corrupt her. Both Emre and Aaron hate Nikki, who resembles their co-worker Adam Koralik and is referred to as "Madame Koralik". To quickly explain their similarity, Nikki and Adam both like retro games and are complete nerds when it comes to games, as well as extremely indifferent. Audrey and Momo are also targets of their hate and disgust.

Their disregard for Nikki is so profound that Aaron and Emre would rather discuss going on a date with each other than pay attention to a date with Nikki. For more on Aaron and Emre's mock date...


# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 HuniePop Love Fairy (Dating Guide) Jan 22, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre start playing and meet Kyu, a sex fairy determined to make them into a player. They meet and date Kyanna and fail to date Tiffany.

2 Beli's Booty Feb 13, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre meet and date Aiko and fail to date Beli.

3 Greasy Orbs (Greasy B**bs) Feb 26, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Aiko and meet Jessie. They are then embarrassed in a restaurant by the scantily clad Jessie as they date her.

4 You Look Fat! Mar 16, 2016 Link
After dating her mother in the previous episode, Aaron and Emre immediately date her daughter, Tiffany. They also meet and date Lola. Aaron and Emre date and f*ck Aiko, taking S&M to its limits as they break limbs and choke her.

5 Mega B*TCH Apr 2, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre meet and talk to the reclusive Nikki. They then meet and date the "Mega B*tch" Audrey. Kyu is added to the HunieBee.

6 Sweary Fairy Apr 27, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Kyu, Kyanna, and Jessie

7 Kyanna's Pu**ies May 7, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Tiffany and Beli; then, they date and bed Kyanna.

8 Mother F***ers May 8, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Audrey, Beli, and Jessie.

9 Oops, Sorry Mom May 9, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Kyu and Lola and fail to date Nikki. Emre forces Aaron to date and bed Jessie.

10 Skunky Skank Jun 5, 2016 Link
After bedding her mother, Aaron and Emre immediately talk to her daughter, Tiffany. They date Lola and (again) fail to date Nikki. By using Adam's answers, they answer all of her questions correctly, verifying that she is, indeed, female Adam.

11 Suck My Drank Jun 17, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Audrey and finally date Nikki.

12 Booba Fett Jun 26, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre meet Celeste, a draenei-esque, big-bosomed, alien bounty-hunter. They date her twice and discover her "illegal" amount of thigh gap.

13 Audrey Bang Jul 3, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date and bed the "Mega B*tch" Audrey. They date Lola and talk about f*cking her eye-sockets.

14 Celeste Luvendass Jul 10, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Celeste.

15 Tentacle Tuesday Jul 19, 2016 Link
Celeste sends Aaron and Emre a picture of her and tentacles, which they stare at for thirty-one seconds. They date and bed Tiffany really slowly.

16 F*&K Week with Buckwheat! Jul 24, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Beli and fail to date Celeste.

17 Beli Squirts Jul 30, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Jessie and Beli, Aaron's least and most favorites, respectfully.

18 Uranus Is Big and Blue Aug 6, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date and bed Celeste (with Uranus facts), Emre stares at the after-sex picture for thirty-five seconds and yells at Aaron when he puts the cursor in strategic spots. Aaron and Emre miraculously date Kyu.

19 Upside-Down Aug 13, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Nikki. They date and bed Lola (Coffee facts).

20 Fuh Kyu Aug 20, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre discover a mentally-disturbed girl who thinks she is a cat, Momo. They fail to date her. Aaron and Emre then date and bed Kyu (Random facts).

21 Worst Date Ever Aug 29, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Momo and Nikki. Whilst dating Nikki, they describe in excruciatingly vivid detail how a date between Aaron and Emre would go.

22 Beli Buttons Sep 3, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date and bed Beli (

23 Madame Koralik Sep 24, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Momo. They date and bed Nikki (fake Adam facts). Kyu introduces them to Venus, the Goddess of Love, who is interested in them because they had been with every beautiful girl in town. She tells them their final challenge: bedding the Goddess of Love. They date Venus and Momo.

24 Momo Oh No No Nov 19, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date Venus and Aiko. Momo sends them a pornographic picture of her and they discover that she really is a one-year-old cat.

25 Putting Momo Down Dec 3, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre date and bed Momo (Euthanasia facts) and discover that she really was a cat and had cast a spell on them so they thought she was a female.

26 Fun With All the Girls (S*x With All the Girls) Dec 22, 2016 Link
Aaron tells about his childhood, then he and Emre date Venus. They talk to Aiko and date Celeste. Aaron and Emre date and bed Venus (Obscure Gods). Kyu congratulates them on bedding every girl/fairy/alien/cat/goddess. They give her all the panties they collected from the various girls they slept with.

- REMASTERED Complete Series Aug 25, 2017 Link


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