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Far Cry 4 Pimps
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No. of episodes 8
Original release December 23, 2015 (2015-12-23) – March 11, 2016 (2016-03-11)
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Far Cry 4 Pimps is a web series created by the Game Society Pimps. Aaron Yonda and Adam Koralik hilariously play the game Far Cry 4, as the protagonist Ajay Galay. However, in true GameSocietyPimps fashion, Aaron and Adam create a new persona for Ajay Galay, a monkey trafficking dentist from Minneapolis.

Ajay Galay is crossing Kyrat, a country right in the middle of a civil war. While the game intends Ajay's visit to Kyrat as a pilgrimage to spread her mother's ashes at Lakshmina, Adam and Aaron decide that Ajay is crossing Kyrat en route of monkey trafficking. Pagan Min, the dictator of Kyrat, kidnap Ajay to his castle. Ajay escapes the castle with the help of the members of the Golden Path, a rebel group in opposition to the dictator.

Now owing his life to the Golden Path and finding other reasons to stay, Ajay decides to do some missions for the Golden Path. While fighting the enemy forces, Ajay tries to find a way to get into Amita's pants, liberates radio towers so he can claim all the land visible from the towers as his own, and develops an unhealthy obsession with animals.


  • Ajay - Dentist from Minneapolis
  • Pagan Min
  • Sabal
  • Amita
  • Ellie the Phant

Recurring themes[edit]

  • Emre come back! - Adam and Aaron enjoy working with Emre rather than with each other.
  • Overpowered eagles - The locals are always afraid of the eagles and the eagles continuously attack the citizens of Kyrat.
  • Kyrat is a terrible country to live in - This is due to the high death rate of the country. Aaron and Adam list all the ways a resident of Kyrat can be killed.
  • Bad driving - Possibly due to the fact that there are no law enforcement or insurance policies, which means premiums cannot go up.
  • Bestiality - Similar to the Angry Hunter
  • Monopoly money - Aaron and Adam call Kyrati money monopoly money, most likely due to the fact that the Kyrati paper currency is quite colorful.
  • Taking over the country for self gain - Adam and Aaron make sure that they are saving the country for their own sake and not for the good of the country. They claim that this is the American way.
  • Being territorial - Aaron claims that liberating the radio tower gives ownership of lands discovered to him. Anything that can be seen from the radio tower automatically is claimed by Aaron. Adam questions how looking at something gives ownership and if Aaron even wants land in a sh*tty country like Kyrat.
  • Game mechanics - Like always, Aaron does not forget to make fun of the mechanics of the game such as throwing rocks to distract the enemy and enemies burning themselves alive. Aaron also tells the audience how predictable the actions of the enemy grunts are.


  • "The elephant just developed some kind of copilot." (Episode 5)
  • "That's how you know you're a bad person. You keep saying owned instead of liberated." (Episode 5)


# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Monkey Trafficking Dec 13, 2015 Link

Adam plays as Ajay Galay, visiting Kyrat, a country right in the middle of a civil war. While the game intends Ajay's visit to Kyrat as a pilgrimage to spread her mother's ashes at Lakshmina, Adam and Aaron decide that Ajay is crossing Kyrat en route of monkey trafficking. Pagan Min, the dictator of Kyrat and the face of Monopoly money, kidnap Ajay to his castle. Ajay escapes the castle with the help of the members of the Golden Path, a rebel group in opposition to the dictator.

During the gameplay, Aaron and Adam discuss topics such as manners, like if you text at the table, you get a fork in the back.

Due to a poor showing by Adam, Aaron largely assumes his role as a backseat driver. Adam, in return, points out the flaw in Aaron's advises; "your plan is just win, very detailed, highly organized plan." A leopard was crowned hero by Aaron after the leopard attacked everyone Adam was supposed to attack in the game.

2 Suck a Snow Leopard Dec 30, 2015 Link

Ajay is revealed to be a dentist from Minneapolis. This is in reference to the movement "Never forget Cecil the Lion" after a real life dentist who gruesomely killed a popular lion. Aaron, who did not immediately recognize who Cecil was, later uttered the words "never forget" to which Adam slammed Aaron for indeed forgetting Cecil.

While Adam discovers new ways to eject from a conversation by climbing on top of roofs, Aaron (as Ajay) begins his misguided attempts to woo Amita. In this episode, they were also able to force a Honey Badger to give a sh*t after shooting it with a gun.

Aaron comes up with a new business sales pitch, sell monkeys to Ikea to make rugs. Adam is skeptical whether Ikea would be willing to accept that form of business.

Due to Adam's horrendous driving, Aaron reminded Adam, "don't run over a Rhino on the way to Banipur, you know what they say."

3 Yak Attack Jan 6, 2016 Link

Aaron claims that the other team has called Adam a pussy and that they can somehow tell Adam is a pussy. Adam and Aaron discuss whether there are amusement parks in Kyrat (perhaps called 3000 flags). We also discover Adam's dubious unhealthy obsession with fire and puppets, for him a normal Saturday routine. Aaron discovers a cement outhouse.

4 Nature is Nasty Jan 20, 2016 Link

Aaron is now playing as Ajay.

Adam claims Aaron can be a territorial. Along with the dentist truck (a running joke about the dentist from Minneapolis killing Cecil the lion), Aaron tends to claims ownership to all of the sites that are discovered when a radio tower is liberated. Aaron would add the suffix "owned by me" to all the properties discovered. Adam continues to try to set the record straight that liberating the tower does not change ownership of the lands nearby. Paraphrasing Adam: You don't get to own land of this sh*tty country and the tigers den is probably owned by the tigers. Aaron quickly claims ownership of the tiger as a living carpet.

After fixing a car requested by an ally woman, the woman does not pay nearly as much as Aaron expects. Aaron slashes the car's tires in retaliation and observes that the woman is now walking back to the village. Lesson learned.

Aaron also discusses stories about Rhinos. After a Rhino managed to flip a truck right-side up, Aaron says there's a legend. Eagles kill Rhinos by picking them up and dropping them to the ground.

Aaron and Adam witnesses a casual hit and run and claims this country is the worst.

The title of this episode was originally: "F*cking with Rhinos"

5 Breaking Bad Driver Jan 28, 2016 Link

Aaron decides to buy a Gold paint job for his AK47 for 80,000 Kyrati money. Adam complains that he didn't work to get that money for Aaron to buy a gold paint job.

Later in the game, Adam and Aaron observe an elephant liberating the Kyrati Weigh Station and has Ajay ride on a elephant. Aaron names the elephant "Ellie the phant."

Adam and Aaron causes a pile up on the Kyrati highway and watches the chaos ensues.

6 Betrayal Meat Feb 11, 2016 Link

Aaron goes full racist. Aaron and Adam witnesses a goat sacrifice and messes around with the local God who's doing the "talk to the hand." Aaron and Adam calls it a 90s religion and makes Seinfeld references. Ajay has to protect the monastery.

7 Gliders Give Me Low Self-Esteem Feb 23, 2016 Link

Adam gets his favorite weapon, M-79.

Aaron fails to take over a fort. Adam decides to take over for Aaron, but Aaron makes everyone feel uncomfortable by complementing Adam while he takes over the fort. Adam succeeds. Ajay goes on a mission to destroy poppy fields and acquires a flamethrower. Chaos ensues.

8 Dead Anteaters Mar 11, 2016 Link

Adam and Aaron talks about wolf blow jobs. Aaron realizes he has sunk to the lowest of the lows after their discussion about having s*x with antelopes snouts.

Continuation of the series[edit]

Far Cry 4 Pimps seems to have been shelved. However, with Emre's return, the series continued in some form with Far Cry Primal For Pimps. The new series features Glug in a prehistoric setting.

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