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Fallout 4 Pimps
Fallout 4 Pimps Complete Series.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 34
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release November 19, 2015 (2015-11-19) – January 20, 2017 (2017-01-20)
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The Complete REMASTERED Fallout 4 Pimps

"Fallout 4 Pimps" is a "let's play" series created by Aaron Yonda, Emre Cihangir, and Adam Koralik. While the show is part of the Fallout For Pimps universe, Fallout 4 Pimps does not build upon the other series, Fallout 3 For Pimps and Fallout New Vegas For Pimps. The show has been featured in the number one spot for the Fallout 4 edition of WatchMojo.com's Let's Play Countdown.[1]

Emre and Aaron hilariously play through the game Fallout 4 as Humongous Nipple, the sole survivor. Mrs. Nipple lives with her husband Nate, a retired wizard, and they had a child together, a baby boy named Shaun. They also employed a robot servant named Codsworth.

The story starts when Nate runs out the door with Shaun. Mrs. Nipple chases after Nate and reaches a military enclosure. A nuclear bomb goes off as Mrs. Nipple and her family descends into the bunker at the enclosure. The facility operators instruct them to go into a capsule to be sanitized but instead gets cryogenically frozen.

For a brief moment, Mrs. Nipple awakens only to watch the facility operators wrestle away Shaun and kill her husband in the process. At this moment, Mrs. Nipple decides to get revenge on everyone involved.

Now with her husband dead and her baby missing, Mrs. Nipple goes on a quest to find her missing child and perhaps another husband.


  • Protagonist:
  • Companions:
    • B.R.U.C.E.
    • Dogmeat, Fucker, or Souldog
    • Codsworth
    • Piper
    • Nick Valentine
    • MacCready
    • Celine D-bot
  • Other Characters:
    • Shaun Nipple, "Father" at the Institute
    • Mama Murphy
    • Jun Long


# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Mrs. Nip (Mrs. Nipple) Nov 19, 2015 Link
It's October 23, 2077. Humongous Nipple lives in Sanctuary Height, a Boston suburb her retired wizard husband and Shaun, her newborn child. For reasons, Humongous Nipple could not understand, Nate, runs out the door with Shaun. Mrs. Nipple chases after Nate and eventually reaches Vault 111, a nuclear bunker. Right before Mrs. Nipple and her family descend via the elevator, a nuclear bomb goes off in the distance. The elevator quickly takes them down to the bunker where the bunker operators instruct them to go into a capsule to get sanitized. However, they are cryogenically frozen.

Mrs. Nipple awakens for a few second to watch a group of people wrestle away Shaun and kill her husband in the process. At this moment, Mrs. Nipple decides to get revenge on everyone involved. Unfortunately, she is put back to sleep.

After being frozen for 210 years, Humongous Nipple is fully awake and ready to rescue her son from his kidnappers.

2 2 Moles, 1 Chair Nov 23, 2015 Link
Humongous Nipple travels out into a post nuclear nation known as "The Commonwealth." She goes back to the little suburban town she used to live in called Sanctuary Hills and finds Codsworth tending to the home. Codsworth recommends she travel to Concord to find more info about her baby boy. On the way to Concord, our survivor befriends Dogmeat, who immediately gets dressed in goggles and a bandana. Out in Concord, our survivor helps out a militia man called Preston Garvey, who is senior officer of the Commonwealth Minutemen.

The episode was initially called "Mole Rats in Chairs." A fan suggested the title be called 2 Moles, 1 Chair and the GameSocietyPimps adopted the name.[2]

3 Sanctuary Sucks Dec 3, 2015 Link
Mrs. Nipple decides to set up home base in Sanctuary Hills. Dogmeat is used to carry all many of her belongings back to town. Once they reach Sanctuary Hills, our survivor and her little tumor, Bruce make fun of Jun Long and announces their plan to load Mama Murphy up with drugs. Mama Murphy tells our survivor that she is her "hero."

To decorate her homebase, the first thing our survivor decides to build was a basketball court, followed by some chairs and beds since the residents were complaining that they wanted to sit. One of the beds was placed right below the basketball rim.

Later, the militia man, Preston Garvey, invites Mrs. Nipple to his group, which our survivor believes is the "Minute Maid." She wanted some juice so she decides to join.

Mrs. Nipple also gets acquainted to her neighbors Sturges and Marcy.

4 Biggie Smalls' Baseball Bat Dec 6, 2015 Link

Biggie Smalls' Baseball Bat becomes the weapon of choice.

5 Happy Marcy? Dec 10, 2015 Link
Our survivor and Dogmeat help fight off the onslaught of raiders in a settlement and receives a flare gun from one of the settlers. They head back to Sanctuary Hills and witnesses Dogmeat eat a fly which Mrs. Nipple and Bruce find cute. However, seeing how ineffective Dogmeat was in battle, she dismisses him.

Later Humongous Nipple talks to Preston Garvey to find out what to do next. During their conversation, Jun Long walks around in and out of their sight. Humongous Nipple and Bruce wonder if Jun Long was going back to the basketball court to sleep. While they were not paying attention to Preston during this time, they did not forget to be ignorant and tells him that he looks like the kind of guy that would be good at basketball.

Mrs. Nipple starts renovating Sanctuary Hills, building gardens and putting up fences in the air. She decides she wants some of the settlers to start working on the gardens and recruits Mama Murphy and Marcy. Usually negative, Marcy tells her that Sanctuary Hills isn't half bad and shows a little smile. Humongous Nipple and Bruce tease her for being positive for once.

Mrs. Nipple invents a new word "nipple crust" to describe the areola.

6 Snow B*tches Dec 13, 2015 Link
Hearing that someone needs help clearing the Starlight Drive In of mole rats, Humongous Nipple and her new companion Codsworth rushes in to help and gets the job done. Mrs. Nipple and Bruce makes puns in front of Preston Garvey and they wonder if Preston has had it with their bs. He might even be taking out his whiskey and setting fires for this amount of abuse.

In town, Mrs. Nipple finds an old bank with lots of workplace accidents and a robbery that took place right as the nuclear apocalypse happened.

They find another edition of the comic series Grognak with two snow nymphs on the cover. Mrs. Nipple and Bruce talk about "dick headache" from sticking dicks in snow cones.

A lot of puns are made in this episode. Examples being "bot-y shaming" because the raiders were making fun of Codsworth and "cough-ee" because Mrs. Nipple tells Bruce that he loves the sound of coffee in the morning.

7 Jun Long Jail Jan 17, 2016 Link
Humongous Nipple heads out to Diamond City excited to see the spectacle and ready to bust out her camera only to find out that the city gate looks like shutters on a sports stadium. They meet a local reporter named Piper who was arguing with the gate keeper to let her into the city. Humoungous Nipple and Piper lie their way through and get in the city but they are greeted by Mayor McDonough. Mayor McDonough refuses to help our survivor find her baby and expresses dissatisfaction with Piper's muck racking. It seems an alliance is in order.

8 Face Ball Bat Jan 23, 2016 Link
Finally inside Diamond City walls, our survivor, tries to get more information on her baby. She buys new bats and talks to a girl named Nat who recommends she talk to Detective Nick Valentine. She stops by at Piper's publishing company and gets interviewed as a Vault Dweller. However, she had a hard time extracting information from our survivor because she answered the questions sarcastically. After being annoyed at Codsworth for being a prude, our survivor replaces him for Piper.

Later on, Humongous Nipple and Piper arrive at Detective Nick Valentine's office but is told by the secretary that he's gone missing so they start looking.

In this episode, our survivor places human guts into the ramen and tries to see if Piper would eat it.

9 Bat Girls Jan 27, 2016 Link
Piper and Humongous Nipple get close and exchange items. Piper says "take a look" and turns around to show off her ass. Thanks to this mission, the two women also start matching their outfits and their weapon of choice, a bat. Their relationship is moving along.

In terms of business, their mission to find Detective Nick Valentine, they reach Vault 114 and rescue him. It turns out he's a synth and Bruce suggests that this might be his long lost baby all grown up. Happy to have finally found her son, she does her best to love him unconditionally, trying to teach him how to ride a tricycle or telling him it's okay to be a "trans-synth." Humongous Nipple eventually does realize that Nick is not her son.

Additionally in this episode, Aaron coins the term "whistol pipped." It's when a loser pistol whips.

10 How to Trap a Deathclaw Feb 9, 2016 Link
Humongous Nipple goes to talk to the detective about her baby but she has trouble describing what he looked like other than that he was a baby. The detective suspects that a former Diamond City resident named Kellogg might have something to do with it and our survivor go sees the mayor to get the keys to his house. The detective suggests that Dogmeat can sniff him out with his stuff so Humongous Nipple gets Dogmeat and follows him following the scent.

While Dogmeat leads, our survivor gets distracted and takes out some goons and a deathclaw.

11 Sexual Assaultron Feb 16, 2016 Link
With Dogmeat leading the search, our survivor finds a boarded up entrance to Fort Hagen. Unfortunately for Humongous Nipple, Dogmeat cannot find a way into the building and she becomes pissed that Dogmeat cannot lead the search inside like she imagined. Bruce explains to her that Dogmeat has lead her to the building and now it was her turn to use her brain and find an entrance to the fort.

Once in the fort, she makes her way down to the command center, trying to get through the traps. Humongous Nipple and Piper have an uncomfortable conversation about dads and then our survivor runs through turrets holding random objects in the air. Hilariously, these objects were able to stop projectiles or even detection.

They finally reach Kellogg who tells our survivor that her son is "at home" in the Institute, which many people believe is a conspiracy. Humongous Nipple kills Kellogg.

12 Unchained Feb 25, 2016 Link

As Mrs. Nipple and Piper head back to Detective Nick Valentine in Diamond City, they witness the Brotherhood of Steel dirigible passing above them. Both our survivor and Bruce hate seeing these guys fly over them.

Once they arrive at the detective's office, our survivor, takes off her clothes but fails to get a response. Instead, Mrs. Nipple gets a tip to visit the Memory Den so they can gather more information about her baby from Kellogg's brain guts.

This episode was originally titled "Naked Nipple"

13 Jamaica PAIN Mar 13, 2016 Link
Our survivor goes on a side quest to find a special bat in the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. Mrs. Nipple and Piper continue to bat their way through and eventually reach the treasure room where they find the 2076 World Series Championship Bat. Our survivor reinforces it with steel and chains and renames the bat "BITCH LAUNCHER."

Humongous Nipple goes back to Sanctuary Hills to launch Jun Long.

14 Grenade Bowling Apr 2, 2016 Link
Our survivor decides she take Piper to the mall. While they head there, Mrs. Nipple and Bruce discuss Piper's line to a Bloatfly, "Don't want to be in your shoes." Bruce comments that "flies don't wear shoes." Mrs. Nipple gives Piper the benefit of the doubt and suggests they might be wearing eight (sic) tiny little shoes. They settle on flies wearing boots.

Once they get to the mall, they start trying on clothes. Our survivor gets turned on by Piper new outfit. Piper leaves the clothing store so Mrs. Nipple leaves and decides she head over to the bowling alley. After knocking all the pins down with grenades, Mrs. Nipple gets mistaken for the new supervisor for the mall and opens the mall for business. Our survivor and Piper continue their date going to a coffee shop, a boxing gyms, and a diner (even though Humongous Nipple experienced "sexyism" there). At the end of the day, Piper tells Humongous Nipple that she enjoyed spending time with her. Our survivor, anxious that she might get somewhere with Piper, starts flirting but Piper subtly changes the subject.

Humongous Nipple feeling rejected takes back the clothes she bought for Piper and cries.

15 Kellogg's Frosted Memories Apr 12, 2016 Link
After failing to woo Piper, our survivor decides she needs to go back to doing something fun, killing. Consulting with Bruce, they decide to head over to the Memory Den to analyze Kellogg brain for clues on her baby.

Our survivor enters the town of Goodneighbor and finally reaches Dr. Amari's Memory Den. She has Nick Valentine and our survivor sit in chairs and wires up Kellogg's hippocampus, which allows our survivor to go through Kellogg's memories.

Not all memories are intact so, Dr. Amari leads our survivor through a few solid memories trying to find something relevant to Shaun and the Institute. One of the memories upset Humongous Nipple since it was the scene where Shaun was taken away. She did not want to see her ugly wizard husband again.

After looking through quite a few bits of memories, Mrs. Nipple stumbles across Kellogg in his home in Diamond City, saying his goodbyes to a synth Shaun he was taking care of. A scientist from the institute had come to his house to pick up the boy.

The scientist and the boy teleported back to the Institute, revealing the reason why nobody was able to figure out where the entrance of the Institute was, there was none.

Learning pertinent information, our survivor goes to talk to Nick Valentine, waiting for her upstairs. He suggests talking to Dr. Vigil about teleportation who happens to live in the radioactive Glowing Sea. Seeing how a synth like Nick would be helpful in this situation, our survivor recruits Nick as her follower and dismisses Piper.

There are a few references to other Game Society series in this episode. One is Glug's Law from Far Cry Primal For Pimps. This is where Glug, the main character of that series, makes up random laws that he enforces himself. Here, Glug's law: everyone must wear kerchief around their neck like past Kellogg.

She also makes a reference to Christopher WalkenThroughs, when Nick Valentine plays a little trick on our survivor by imitating Kellogg. Mrs. Nipple suggests he become a YouTuber and make WalkenKelloggs.

16 MacCready Spaghetti May 14, 2016 Link
Our survivor visits the local bar in Goodneighbor called The Third Rail. There, she hits on the singer Magnolia, gets a fellow named MacCready as a follower, and offers to clean the warehouses of triggermen for Whitechapel Charlie the bartender robot. As a result, Nick Valentine is sent to Sanctuary Hills. Mrs. Nipple quickly realizes the one big benefit to having MacCready as her follower: he likes most of what Mrs. Nipple has to say.

They kill a bunch of triggermen and eventually meet the Vault-tec salesman that helped her survive at a hotel. Humongous Nipple takes some pity on him and allows him to go live in Sanctuary Hills.

17 Automatron VS Urkel May 21, 2016 Link
Following a caravan distress call, our survivor reaches a fight between bots and helps out a robot named Ada. Humongous Nipple dismisses MacCready to tag along with Ada to General Atomic. Seeing Ada have a spinning claw for an arm, our survivor wants her to do something strange but Bruce warns that he does not want her to get a "purple nurple." Bruce explains to Mrs. Nipple what that is since she did not seem to know what that was. Bruce also tells him that there is a special one called "Steve Urkel's Purple Nurple," where a purple nurple happens followed by a "did I do that?"

Our survivor jumps up and loots a missile launcher from an evaporated enemy and calls her new weapon Miss Jackson.

18 RoboC*ck Jun 6, 2016 Link
Arriving at General Atomics, hostile robots start attacking them. Mrs. Nipple and Bruce discuss the different beeps a robot can make.

Finally reaching their goal, our survivor finds a radar beacon that Ada request that be installed in her. Going back to Sanctuary Hills, Mrs. Nipple builds a robot workshop to work on Ada but ends up building a new robot instead (in a montage).

When thinking of what to name the robot, Humongous Nipple suggest "Tomato-tron," which was immediately shot down by Bruce. Mrs. Nipple asks of a name of a female actress that he enjoys. Bruce answers Celine Dion by mistake and the robot was named Celine D-tron.

Our survivor finds a Brahmin wiping its udders in one of the beds.

19 Live Fallout 4 "Far Harbor" May 20, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre starts playing the Far Harbor DLC live on YouTube as part of their weekly live show. Initially, this video was not supposed to be considered canon. The video was put into the main series as episode 19 (even though the live show aired before episodes 16 and 17), as the start of the Far Harbor DLC play through. In this episode, our survivor goes to the island of Mount Desert Island in search of a young lady named Kasumi Nanako who appears to have ran away from her family. Mrs. Nipple gets a cold welcoming from the residents of Far Harbor but this seems understandable since they must worry about the zealots called the Children of Atom and the radioactive fog.

Still looking for Kasumi, she travels deeper into the island to find Arcadia, a sanctuary for synths. She finally finds Kasumi there fitting quite well with the synth although Mrs. Nipple is uncertain if she really is a synth.

At the very end of the episode, Humongous Nipple obtains the lobster trap mask.

20 Donut Dirigible Jun 14, 2016 Link
Bruce reveals that he has a crush on Humongous Nipple. Prior to his confession, he was thought to be gay. This make Mrs. Nipple uncomfortable.

Our survivor returns to Far Harbor and talks to Mayor Avery. She wants Mrs. Nipple to fix the fog condensers surrounding town, which help the residents avoid radiation poisoning. She meets a robot named Pearl who want her to help investigate a murder but she puts it off for later because she had errands to run for the mayor. Amused at the splatters of red on the ground, Humongous Nipple and Bruce wonder why a jelly doughnut fell out of the sky in the first place. Bruce thinks it might be a trebuchet. Humongous Nipple thinks it might be the Brotherhood of Steel kicking off the jelly doughnuts from their ship. Mrs. Nipple is confident that she would be a great investigator.

21 Harpwn Gun Jul 7, 2016 Link
Having fixed the fog condensers surrounding town, Humongous Nipple decides she wants to help Pearl investigate a murder that occurred at the hotel. While the head to the hotel, Mrs. Nipple and Bruce asks if Pearl likes karaoke and imitate how Celine D-tron would sing My Heart Will Go On.

Our survivor finds a harpoon gun at the hotel site and enters Vault 118 where the murder took place.

Aaron and Emre sing a lot in this episode. Not only do they sing "My Hear Will Go On" but they also ad lib some songs starting with words from a few Far Harbor residents. One example of this is the harborman's song starting with his phrase "lost my home when the fog rolled in." They also sing about a harborwoman and a lady named Sandra Lee.

This is the episode where they talk about the Children of Adam.

22 Bot Lives Matter Jul 15, 2016 Link
Mrs. Nipple continues her investigation on a bot murder case. In the last episode, our survivor found out that Vault 118 was now a community of bots and the murder was of a robot likely killed by another robot. They start looking for clues asking around other robots to find out who killed Ezra Parker, a tie wearing robot. They ask Keith who suspects Santiago. Santiago turns out to be an odd kitten drawing artist robot. Humongous Nipple has sex with Gloria and witness Julianna argue with his husband Bert. Bert is concerned that Julianna is not who she says she is. Humongous Nipple, with help from Bruce, accuse Ezra of pretending to be dead and instead taking over Julianna's dead robot corpse. It turns out they are right.

In this episode, Mrs. Nipple and Bruce start imitating a Protectron uttering its famous phrase "protect and serve" and turns it into a song.

23 B.R.U.C.E. Jul 23, 2016 Link
Bruce finally gets a robot body (that does not have a head) after begging our survivor to make him one. This excites Bruce, ready to venture out on his own and not just be a backseat driver. However, Bruce finds that the world is much tougher then what he imagined, especially because Humongous Nipple failed to make him very powerful.

Annoyed at Bruce thanking our survivor for putting back his front plate after a difficult fight, knocks off Bruce's front plate which become tradition.

24 Vault-Tec Jul 28, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre play the Vault-Tec DLC live on YouTube as part of their weekly live show. The only DLC that didn't make the main series was Nuka World, which was also played live.

They create contraptions in Sanctuary Hills and tries to torture the residents.

25 Citizen Pain Aug 8, 2016 Link
Bruce gets an upgrade, getting stronger weapons and a fresh coat of paint. Excited to try out his new power, Bruce follows Humongous Nipple to the clit (C.I.T.) to hunt down courser. Coursers are powerful synths that also have the courser chip embedded inside them. The courser chip allows teleportation into the Institute.

During their fight with the courser, they find a rocket launcher and names it Citizen Pain. Bruce and Mrs. Nipple needed to think of puns because Bruce's upgrade affected his pun making ability.

Mrs. Nipple eventually defeats the courser, Bruce taking much of the hits since he was in her way.

26 Synth Triggered Aug 13, 2016 Link
Having found the courser chip, our survivor heads over to Dr. Amari at the Memory Den to analyze it. Dr. Amari however claims that this is not her field and that a group of people who help Synths escape the Institute called the Railroad can help them out.

Mrs. Nipple easily finds their hideout and figures out the passcode (RAILROAD) to enter their lair. Bruce cannot believe that these people would use their own name as their passcode. Upon entering their hideout, the members of the Railroad starts questioning Mrs. Nipple's intent. Flashing a courser chip in front of their eyes convinces them to help her decode the chip.

A man by known as Tinker Tom starts hacking away and Humongous Nipple gets treated for "sexyness" by Doctor Carrington.

Tinker Tom finishes his job and Mrs. Nipple heads back to Sanctuary City to compare synths and ghouls by looking at Nick Valentine and the Vault-Tec representative.

Throughout the episode, Humongous Nipple and Bruce are confused on why the Railroad would waste their time trying to save synths. This belief comes from the fact that synths are robots and are akin to toasters and "things that reset the pins at bowling alleys." They call the Railroad, Synth Justice Warriors.

27 The Horror Aug 27, 2016 Link
Bruce tells Humongous Nipple that her armor needs a paint job. She thinks about it for a while but decides she wants to look good for her son at the Institute. Mrs. Nipple heads over to Fallon's to buy pink paint for her armor but finds out that the store is booby trapped all over the place. Our survivor decides that she's going to need to be careful and deactivates all of the traps on the first level.

For some reason, Bruce expresses disappointment. It turns out that Bruce tried to play a trick on Humongous Nipple by meticulously setting up the traps. After learning about Bruce's practical joke, Humongous Nipple makes sure that Bruce does not get the satisfaction he wants by activating traps and stepping back to avoid the explosion. Bruce distraught sadly explains to Humongous Nipple that she was "supposed to walk forward" and explode.

At the beginning of the episode, Bruce finally proves his worth by killing a deathclaw solo.

28 We Found Our Son!!! Sep 1, 2016 Link
Humongous Nipple finally finds the pink paint at Fallon's and paints her armor hot pink. She first thinks this would be motherly but Bruce points out that this is going to attract all the boys. Mrs. Nipple starts thinking that she's entering "hot milf territory." She gets a mushroom cloud shaped haircut to complete the look and heads over to Sturges so he can start building the teleporter.

After some time, the teleporter is complete and Humongous Nipple teleports to the Institute. She starts hearing a voice from the PA telling her that he wants to talk to her face to face. Going down the elevator, she discovers a little boy who looks like her little boy but he turns out to be a synth. Her real son is now known as "Father" the leader of the Institute. Mrs. Nipple is unable to accept this revelation.

29 Do You Like My Buns, Father? (Do You Like My Butt, Father?) Nov 12, 2016 Link
Mrs. Nipple wastes time trying to impress her own son by wearing tight clothes. Father does not appreciate her advances and shoos her away to do some mission dealing with rouge synths.

30 The Battle of Bunker Hill Nov 26, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre sing the Battle of Bunker Hill song during the Battle of Bunker Hill taking back the rouge synths. After the battle, Humongous Nipple finds out that his son is the one who unfroze her to test her love.

In turn, the only thing Mrs. Nipple cares for is that her son does not look anything like her wizard husband and that she want to make love with him. She knows this is morally wrong and she wants to rename the Institute, "Sinstitute."

Later, Humongous Nipple is invited to a meeting by Father. She is excited to join the meeting with her son. However, at the meeting she finds out that her son is terminally ill and she is appointed as her son's successor.

31 Motherhood of Steel Dec 23, 2016 Link
Still in the Institute, Humongous Nipple goes to talk to Allie, who tells her that the Institute's power supply problem would be mitigated if they had the beryllium agitator. Coincidentally, the Brotherhood of Steel is also looking for the beryllium agitator. Mrs. Nipple was smart about how to plan her attack and hacks in assultrons and programs them to blow themselves up. Unfortunately, Bruce knowingly walks into the explosion. When Mrs. Nipple finally reach the reactor where the beryllium agitator is being used, she tries to get Bruce to go fetch it for her but he gets locked out. She has to go get it herself, even through the reactor is emitting dangerous levels of radiation.

Prior to the battle, our survivor arbitrarily changes the Brotherhood of Steel to Motherhood of Steel. Bruce talks about c*ck shopping.

32 Calling People Stupid in Fallout 4 Pimps Jan 6, 2017 Link
After retrieving the agitator, Father says that a group of militia men from the Commonwealth became hostile to the members of the Institute while they were out recruiting. Before hearing all of the details, Mrs. Nipple starts thinking of the sad Asian man in Sanctuary Hills that might be causing trouble. It turns out that the man in question was T.S. Wallace. The Institute wants to recruit this man but some members of the Institute were not doing a good job convincing him to accept the offer.

Humongous Nipple helps negotiate peace by calling people stupid on both sides and gets T.S. Wallace to accept the invitation to the Institute.

33 Killing the Railroad Jan 13, 2017 Link
At Father's request, Humongous Nipple makes a speech that would be broadcast across the world. She then goes to Diamond City to boost the range of the radio signals. Mrs. Nipple set up the lazily named radio parts such as "radio thing with buttons" to their respective location. She figured the puzzle out on the first try, realizing how start she is but remembers that she did build Bruce.

Humongous Nipple heads back to the Institute and attends a board meeting on Father's behalf. Some were not too happy that Humongous Nipple was attending the meeting as their leader, especially Madison Li. Nonetheless, they discuss their plan to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel and ask for Humongous Nipple's approval. Of course Mrs. Nipple approves as she had always thought of them as a nuisance.

After the meeting , Humongous Nipple gets back in her armor to go talk to Father. Father asks if she agrees with the contents of the meeting. He also adds that some of the board members are concerned about our survivor's past working with the Railroad and suggest that the Railroad be obliterated. Even for Mrs. Nipple, exterminating both the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad seemed way too extreme. However, Father kept insisting, leaving no way out for our survivor. So Mrs. Nipple clears out the Railroad.

34 We're done with Fallout 4 Jan 20, 2017 Link
Back at the Institute, the board members decide the way to defeat the Brotherhood was to revive Liberty Prime, which Humongous Nipple was totally on board with. She goes to the airport and hacks Liberty Prime. After doing so, she gets teleported out of the Brotherhood dirigible and explodes.

Having eliminated all potential threats to the Institute, Father lays in his coffin and says his goodbyes to his mother. His son believes that the Institute is now in good hands. A sepia ending cutscene starts showing major events in the story selected by the game but they add their own slides like when Jun Long was launched across Sanctuary Hills with the BITCH LAUNCHER.

Not caring about the Institute or his son's will, she starts going on a killing spree taking out synths and scientists working at the Institute. Killing a good number of people, Humongous Nipple heads on up the elevator, humming the "Girl From Ipanema" to leave the Institute for good.

Pre-release and unboxing[edit]

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- "Fallout 4 Gameplay (No Spoilers)" Nov 9, 2015 Link
Aaron and Emre play the much anticipated Fallout 4 right before its release date.

- "Fallout 4 Crafting and Fighting (No Spoilers)" Nov 10, 2015 Link
Game Society shows some gameplay of crafting in the workshop.

- "We Unbox a Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition (Plus a Surprise)" Nov 24, 2015 Link
Aaron, Adam, and Emre unbox the Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition.


Game Society's Fallout 4 Pimps was featured in WatchMojo's Let's Play Countdown in the number one spot for Fallout 4 let's plays.[1] While the host had a problem with the creator's channel name (which was at the time called "GameSocietyPimps"), he was impressed by playthrough for discovering the lockpicking glitch that allowed Dogmeat to take the cryolator early on in the game.

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