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Fallout 3 For Pimps
Fallout 3 For Pimps Complete Series.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 46
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release October 6, 2012 (2012-10-06) – November 15, 2013 (2013-11-15)
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Fallout 3 for Pimps is a comedic "let's play" starring Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir and was filmed in Bethesda's Fallout 3. The show concluded on its 46th episode.


The first of Fallout For Pimps was filmed entirely using the game, Fallout 3. It is centered on the exploits of Thrusty Puss, a violent young lady just looking for adventures.

Thrusty grew up in Vault 101, a vault that never opens and where no one ever leaves. She is content with her life until one day her father suddenly escapes the vault, leaving her behind. This forces her to leave the safety of the vault and follow her father's footsteps into the harsh Capital Wasteland in search of him. She meets many characters along the way, helping some and killing many others.

Upon finding her father, whom quickly meets his demise working on Project Purity, Thrusty decides to finish Project Purity and bring free, clean water to the people of the wastes. With that task complete, and now with no clear goals, she sets out to find other adventures to take part in.




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# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Vault 101 for Cool Kids Oct 26, 2012 Link
The first episode introduces Thrusty Puss and the concept of Fallout For Pimps. Thrusty's father escapes Vault 101, sending her on a quest to find him.

2 Wasteland Ho Nov 2, 2012 Link
Thrusty escapes Vault 101 while following her father and makes her way to Megaton.

3 Super Duper Mart Nov 9, 2012 Link
Attempting to complete her first task for the 'Wasteland Survival Guide' Thrusty goes shopping at the 'Super Duper Mart'.

4 Arkansas Minefield Nov 16, 2012 Link
First task complete, Thrusty finishes the first chapter of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide' by visiting a minefield and getting irradiated.

5 Feral Express Nov 23, 2012 Link
Thrusty decides to pause her research on the 'Wasteland Survival Guide' and finds some information on her father, leading her to search for Galaxy News Radio (GNR).

6 High School Reunion Nov 30, 2012 Link
Thrusty arrives at GNR and gets bored, leading her to try and rush the completion of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide.' She is given her first task for chapter 2 from Moira, get hurt.

7 Worst Prostitute Ever Dec 7, 2012 Link
First task complete, Thrusty is sent on the second task for chapter 2 of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide', testing Mole rat repellent.

8 Post-Apocalyptic Xmas Dec 14, 2012 Link
Thrusty is sent on the final task of chapter 2, spy on Mirelurks. Thrusty completes the task and then is sent to start the third and final chapter of the 'Wasteland Survival Guide,' go to a library.

9 Synchronized Hipsters Dec 21, 2012 Link
Thrusty is given the second part of chapter three to complete, activate and command robots.

10 Nuclear New Year Dec 29, 2012 Link
Thrusty decides to not complete the 'Wasteland Survival Guide' and instead decided to help her friends in Megaton. With fire. Nuclear fire.

11 Zombie Moira Jan 11, 2013 Link
After improving Megaton's over population problems with nuclear fire Thrusty is given a suite in Tenpenny tower. Thrusty decides to return to Megaton out of nostalgia and finds Moira still alive, but ghoulified. Thrusty decides to deliver a message for Lucy, a former resident of Megaton.

12 Love Companion (Love Slave) Jan 18, 2013 Link
After wiping out everyone in Arefu, Thrusty sets out to find 'The Family' but on the way decides to stop for burgers at "Bob's Big Boy", which turns out to be a slaver camp.

13 Rivet City Rampage Jan 25, 2013 Link
Thrusty and her new companion/slave Clover set of to finish the "Wasteland Survival Guide" by researching the history of Rivet City.

14 B-hole Gwinnett (Butthole Gwinnett) Feb 1, 2013 Link
Thrusty makes her way to underworld and delivers the histories of Rivet City, finishing the "Wasteland Survival Guide." She then starts giving a tour of Washington DC, accidentally wandering into a mission to find the 'Declaration of Independence.'

15 Museum of Famous Legs Feb 8, 2013 Link
Thrusty and Sydney, a relic hunter, find the 'Declaration of Independence' and set of for Rivet City to deliver it, but Thrusty gets distracted and decides to finish her tour on the way.

16 Tenpenny Massacre Feb 15, 2013 Link
Declaration delivered, Thrusty decides to return to Tenpenny Tower to have a rest. After resting Thrusty decides she wants to build a Railway Rifle, and hits the road to find ingredients to build it.

17 Sisterhood of the Traveling Metal Pants Feb 24, 2013 Link
Rifle built, Thrusty gets a email over the Wasteland Wide Web informing her that if she helps resolve Sydney's daddy issues Thrusty will be reward with a special gun. After talking with Sydney Thrusty receives another email informing her Riley's Rangers may have something to do with Sydney's dad.

18 Steel Vaginas Mar 1, 2013 Link
Sydney's father's final message recovered Thrusty saves Riley's Rangers after being hired by Riley. She goes to Riley's HQ and receives a reward, and Riley joins the newly formed Steel Vaginas. Thrusty then goes to Sydney and resolves Sydney's daddy issues, after which Sydney also joins the Steel Vaginas and gives Thrusty her special gun.

19 Vault 112 Mar 10, 2013 Link
Thrusty remembers she has a father and decides to try and find him to show him her new hat. Thrusty finds clues leading to Vault 112.

20 The Pint-Sized Slasher Mar 15, 2013 Link
Arriving at Vault 112, Thrusty gets trapped in a crazy computer simulation. She sets out to destroy the simulation at the request of Stanislaus Braun, which happens to free Thrusty's father.

21 Bob the Tree Mar 22, 2013 Link
Thrusty returns to Paradise Falls to try and get a refund for Clover. She then kills Eulogy and goes and talks to a tree.

22 'Ernest Goes to Camp' Camp Mar 29, 2013 Link
Thrusty gets a mission. From the talking tree. Named Bob. He wants to die and sends Thrusty to kill him. Instead Thrusty makes Bob grow faster. She then meets Dogmeat.

23 The AntAgonzier Apr 5, 2013 Link
Thrusty awakens at Tenpenny Tower and prays to Regis. She then goes and talks to Three Dog who gives her the location of a shitty weapons cache. After that Thrusty goes and meets the AntAgonizer.

24 The Mechanist Apr 12, 2013 Link
Thrusty goes to a rundown Home Depot to talk to the Mechanist. She then kills everyone in Canterbury Commons. Aftet that Thrusty tries to find her father so she can learn trivia information about him.

25 Project Wussy Apr 19, 2013 Link
Thrusty helps her father get Project Purity running. The project is then attacked by the Enclave and Thrusty helps all the scientist escape the Enclave after her father dies.

26 Brotherhood of Fish Maggots Apr 29, 2013 Link
Thrusty and the few remaining Purity scientists go to the Brotherhood of Steel for help with the Enclave. She learns that a G.E.C.K in in Vault 87.

27 Paradise Lost Mar 3, 2013 Link
Thrusty sets out for Little Lamplight to find a way into Vault 87 but is told to gain entrance she has to save some children from the slavers in Paradise Falls. Thrusty decides that means murder all the slavers.

28 Kids Say the Dumbest Things (Kids Say the Most F*cked Up Things) Mar 10, 2013 Link
After saving the children, Thrusty is given access to Little Lamplight. She makes her way through the caves and into Vault 87. Thursty meets Fawkes, an imprisoned, friendly mutant, and works to set him free.

29 Marilyn Monrobot May 18, 2013 Link
Fawkes helps Thrusty get the G.E.C.K but she is quickly captured by the Enclave and then has to work to escape their base, Raven Rock.

30 Big Robot (Big F**king Robot) May 24, 2013 Link
Thrusty escapes the Enclave base and returns to the Brotherhood of Steel whom coordinate a massive offensive to retake Project Purity. Thrusty valiantly lets Paladin Sarah sacrifice her life to provide free water to the wastes.

31 Drunky the Child Jun 1, 2013 Link
Thrusty awakens after being knocked out at Project Purity, some how. This is the point in her life where she stops having a clear goal and begins her roaming of the wastes, looking for adventure. Thrusty goes and gets her companions and is emailed about a super strong weapon, the experimental MIRV.

32 Beauty and The Behemoth Jun 7, 2013 Link
Thrusty sets out to get the MIRV. After finding all the parts of the passwords to gain access to the MIRV Thrusty decides to test it on a worthy enemy, a  super mutant behemoth.

33 Sticky Accident Jun 15, 2013 Link
Thrusty remembers she promised to take Sticky to Big Town and sets of to help him. She takes Sticky but then finds her payment has been kidnapped with Red, a resident of Bigtown, ands so goes to Germantown to save her. She then helps Big Town fight of super mutants and celebrates with Mini-nukes to their faces.

34 Return to Vault 101 Jun 21, 2013 Link
Thrusty decides to return to Vault 101 to see what’s going on. She helps Amata solve the Vaults political problems by killing the vaults tyrannical Overseer. She then murders Amata. And then Butch. And then she’s leaves, leaving the Vault in chaos.

35 Cthulhu Companion Jul 5, 2013 Link
Thrusty thinks she might smell like ghoul and so goes to Underworld to ask some real ghouls. While there she gets a mission to murder some seemingly random individuals. Clover also turns into Cthulhu. She starts with Dave, from the Republic of Dave.

36 Fruit Ho (Fruit Whore) Jul 12, 2013 Link
Thrusty decides to rig the election for president of Republic of Dave and has the Republic changed to the Commonwealth of the Steel Vaginas. She then murders Dave when he storms away from the colony. Thrusty then kills Dukov and takes Cherry, Dukovs former sex slace, to Rivet City.

37 CRIKEY! Jul 19, 2013 Link
Thrusty helps Cherry set-up as president of Rivet City and while there she kills Ted Strayer, another man on her list. Thrusty then goes to Tenpenny Tower and kills Allistair Tenpenny, completing the hits and so returns to Crowley to get her reward.

38 Teenage Mutant Ninja Deathclaws Jul 26, 2013 Link
Thrusty sets out to finish of the remaining Enclave. In her first mission Liberty Prime gets destroyed so Thrusty is sent to find data in how it happened and other Enclave bases. Thrusty is sent to Old Olney to find components to build a new gun.

39 Tesla Cannon Aug 9, 2013 Link
Thrusty finally finds the component at Old Olney and returns to the Brotherhood. She is then sent to the last major base of the Enclave, Adams Air Force Base. She is given the Tesla Cannon and goes on a rampage.

40 Dogmeat is Murder Sep 14, 2013 Link
Thrusty goes into the Enclaves finishes of the Enclave at Adamas Air Force Base and then nukes the Brothhoods main base. Just 'cause.

41 The Incredible Fawkes Oct 4, 2013 Link
Thrusty kills Clover so she can get Fawkes as a companion. She goes to Fawkes but then finds out that by destroying the Brotherhood she has lowered her karma too low to get Fawkes. She goes and donates to a charity and Fawkes starts following her. Thrusty then decides to go on a vacation to Point Lookout.

42 Filthy Rednecks Oct 11, 2013 Link
Arriving at Point Lookout, Thrusty sets out on an adventure. She stumbles into an old mansion and is asked to help defend the mansion from tribals.

43 Swamp of Success Oct 25, 2013 Link
Thrusty is asked to infiltrate the tribals group to find out their plans. She is told she can't join until she finds a special plants seeds. That task completed she enters the tribals compound.

44 Librarian With A Shotgun Nov 23, 2013 Link
Thrusty returns to Desmond and tells him she has infiltrated the tribals group. She is then sent to find the groups leader but discovers they are manipulated by Dr. Calvert, Desmond's enemy. Desmond tells her to install a device to mess with Calvert and returns to find Desmond's mansion destroyed. Desmond and Thrusty sets out to finally kill Calvert.

45 Best Soil Survey Ever Nov 9, 2013 Link
After killing Calvert, then killing Desmond, Thrusty goes on a mission to find soil samples from around Point Lookout.

46 The Party's Over Nov 15, 2013 Link
Thrusty does some small tasks around Lookout but gets increasingly aggravated leading to her going on a rampage throughout Point Lookout, then the Capital Wasteland, eventually leading to her suicide.

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