Emre Daddy

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Emre Daddy
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Created by
No. of episodes 6
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release September 23 (2017-09-23) – December 26, 2017 (2017-12-26)
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Emre Daddy is a 2017 comedy show created by Aaron Yonda and Emre Cihangir based on the gameplay of Game Grumps' Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, a novel based dating simulator video game. The story follows Emre Daddy's quest to date men in his new neighborhood. The first episode aired on September 23, 2017.


Emre voices Emre Daddy, a single father who's looking for other men to date. Aaron voices all of the other characters in the game including Emre Daddy's daughter Amanda. Their story follows a different path from how the game intended its story to play out by changing up the dialogue and putting their own twist. This is similar in style to Game Society's Yakuza 0 For Pimps series in which the Game Society customizes Yakuza 0 to be about family restaurants rather than its intended mafia storyline.

  • Emre Daddy - A single father who wears a graphic t-shirt of a hamburger emoji. He has an upbeat college-aged daughter named Amanda and has just moved to a new suburban neighborhood.

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 "Dream Daddy" Sep 23, 2017 Link

2 "Flamin' Joe" Oct 15, 2017 Link

3 "Emre's First Date" Nov 18, 2017 Link

4 "Vampire Daddy" Dec 8, 2017 Link
Emre Daddy visits his daughter's high school then later takes her to the mall. Topics discussed in this video are ball cutting, Arby's, Sad Keanu memes, the two fake Nirvana members Steve Kobain and Bob Grohl, and Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell.

5 "Eating Baby Goats" Dec 15, 2017 Link
After watching RuPaul's Drag Race counterpart RuPaul's Tiny Houses, Emre Daddy goes to sleep for three days and attend the neighbor's Harry Potter-themed barbecue. There he meets Mat, an expert on lube, and all the other dads from earlier episodes. Other topics discussed in this video are bringing live goats to BBQs, kicking house elves, and Total Recall references.

6 "Dong Pic From Daddy" Dec 26, 2017 Link

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