Disneyland Adventures

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Disneyland Adventures
Created by Aaron Yonda
Adam Koralik
No. of episodes 18
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Lucas Fauble
Original release June 11, 2013 (2013-06-11) – January 4, 2017 (2017-01-04)
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Disneyland Adventures is a 2011 Kinect game on the Xbox 360. The game designed for young kids and replicates real life Disneyland. The Kinect player must do side missions assigned by Disney characters in order to complete the game. Aaron Yonda is forced to play this game by Adam Koralik and the fans.

In the GameSocietyPimps version of Disneyland Adventures, the main character is a little boy or girl (the character gender swaps frequently throughout the game) employed by Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse, in this version is voiced by Adam Koralik. This little boy/girl must do Mickey Mouse's chores in order to beat the game. However, Mickey is a very unstable character and the little boy/girl is subjugated to very tough labor.

Since Disneyland Adventures is a Kinect game (Wikipedia), Aaron must physically move his body to advance in the game. Any Kinect game the GameSocietyPimps play gets bench-marked against Disneyland Adventures.[1]

Disneyland Adventures is considered to be part of the Guys VS Games series.

Famous Characters[edit]

  • Mickey Mouse (voiced by Adam) is the Disneyland owner, who tortures little kids and uses them for child labor. Mickey Mouses makes a contracts with the kids so they are unable to leave the park.
  • Stitch (voiced by Adam) is a character originally from Lilo & Stitch. However, in the GameSocietyPimps version, Stitch is a sexually deprived monster running around harassing little kids.

Recurring Themes[edit]

  • "Upload to Kinect Share" - Kinect Share is a service where pictures taken in Kinect games are hosted. A player can command Xbox to "Upload to Kinect Share," and the picture is sent to a server for the world to see by visiting the Kinect Share website. Aaron usually plays the game with his pants off and the game will automatically take Aaron's picture to share them to the web. Adam would often quickly say "upload to Kinect share" to confirm to Xbox that it is okay to share the material. Aaron makes an effort to thwart Adam by saying "continue" (sometimes pronounced "c**t-in-you), which would continue the game without uploading the picture.
  • "This is the last episode" - For Aaron, playing Disneyland Adventures makes him very miserable. Aaron, in almost every episode, declares the series over. However, the GameSocietyPimps makes continuing the series a funding goal and the series continue for another episode once this funding goal is met. Adam has called Disneyland Adventures the Futurama of GamesSocietyPimps. The show has been cancelled 12 times.
  • "Kid Friendly" - Because this game is originally targeted toward children, many young children go to YouTube and watch the GameSocietyPimps version of Disneyland Adventures. There have been multiple complaints by parents in the past and Adam has actually witnessed a kid watching the GameSocietyPimps version of Disneyland Adventures in a grocery store in San Fransisco. Aaron and Adam have made one "Kid Friendly" episode just to see if it was possible (Episode 16) but the episode was full of thinly veiled innuendos, euphemisms, and threats and ended with Aaron and Adam yelling a bunch of curse words at each other.


# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Disneyland Gender Swapping Adventures Jun 12, 2013 Link

2 Disney's Alice in Kinect Land Jun 22, 2013 Link

3 Captain Hook Nutshot Jul 20, 2013 Link

4 Pregnant Rabbit Child Jul 25, 2013 Link

5 An Enemy in Me Oct 5, 2013 Link

6 Stitch Me a Dress Oct 12, 2013 Link

7 Hairy Treasure Chest Jan 13, 2014 Link

8 Creepy Genie Jun 12, 2014 Link

9 Fruit-throwing F*ckheads Jul 21, 2014 Link

10 The End Sep 17, 2014 Link

11 Back Door Encounter Nov 14, 2014 Link
This episode was originally titled "Anal Encounter"

12 Mickey Bad Touch Dec 19, 2014 Link

13 Jack and Guts Mar 21, 2015 Link

14 Stitch Hole May 27, 2016 Link

15 Brer Rabbit Jun 23, 2016 Link
This was originally titled "Brer Racist"

16 The "Kid Friendly" Episode Aug 4, 2016 Link

17 The "T" Word Aug 25, 2016 Link

18 Pooh Hub Jan 4, 2017 Link


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