Yakuza 0 For Pimps

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Yakuza 0 For Pimps
Yakuza 0 For Pimps.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 28
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release January 28, 2017 (2017-01-28) – present
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Yakuza 0 For Pimps is an ongoing series following the life of Emre-chan, who trying to quit the restaurant business after stealing a buzzer. The series takes place in a game called Yakuza 0, developed and published by Sega. Emre Cihangir plays as the main character Emre-chan and Aaron Yonda voices over the rest of the characters Emre-chan interacts with.

The story is a fantasy that takes place in Japan during the 80s. Emre-chan is working in the family restaurant industry. Things go wrong however, when he accidentally steals a restaurant buzzer and becomes a wanted man by his family restaurant mafia overlords. The top players are a bunch of American companies trying to expand into the Japanese market: Ben*h@nа, which also operates Japanese Chil*'s and is trying to open Japanese Appl*bees (unfortunately branding themselves as Japplebees), Olive Zen Garden, and Outback Stakedojo. Now that he's wanted, Emre-chan wants to quit the industry and create his own venture but they won't let him.

The story follows Emre-chan's battle against the powerful family restaurant mafia.

Note: All restaurant branding has been removed from this page.


From episodes 1 through 16, Emre voices the main character Kiryu and Aaron voices all of the supporting characters. Midway through episode 16, Aaron takes over the role of main character as the story shifts settings to Osaka and the playable character becomes Majima.

  • Emre-chan (Kiryu) - Main character working at Ben*h@nа and grew up under the care of Kashiwagi
  • Aaron Yonda (Goro Majima) - Main character and the manager of the Grand Cabaret
  • Bacchus - First introduced as the "Aging Foreigner," he occasionally pops up in front of Emre-chan to help him become a powerful fighter.
  • Miss Tatsu - A friend of Bacchus who is a slugger and shows Emre-chan powerful moves that aid him in his fights
  • Nishikiyama - Emre-chan's childhood friend
  • Kashiwagi - Emre-chan's guardian who runs Japanese Chil*'s
  • Yonda (Yoneda) - Working for Ben*h@nа, Yonda tries to beat Emre-chan for trying to quit the restaurant but gets beat up instead. He has quite the temper, which was attributed to his long working hours.

Editing Style[edit]

Yakuza 0 For Pimps has had a different editing style than many of the other Game Society "For Pimps" series. While editing, Emre included scenes that would normally have been cut, such as Aaron and Emre ordering Indian take-out or Adam talking over them with random facts and correcting every ignorant thing Aaron and Emre might say.


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1 "Brawlin' N' Ballin"' Jan 28, 2017 Link
The story takes place in Japan in the 80s. Emre-chan is a member of the mafia who stole a restaurant buzzer from Chili's. He fights a bunch of punks on the streets and talks to a man labeled "aging foreigner." Evening arrives and he meets up with his childhood friend Nishikiyama and has a drink at the local bar, do some karaoke. The following day, as Emre-chan sips on his ramen soup, learns that he has erroneously killed a man from a news broadcasting.

Realizing that somebody set him up as a murderer, Emre-chan goes to the telephone booth to clear his name. Instead, he calls Chili's to check up if the tables have opened up. Chili's tells him that he needs to come back to the restaurant and return the buzzer that he stole.

Emre-chan heads over to the Chili's but is met by three mob bosses of the restaurant owners. One of them is Emre-chan's own boss, Ben*h@nа. The restaurant bosses are mad at Emre-chan for stealing the buzzer. All five restaurants uses the same buzzers and they are expensive. The bosses tell Emre-chan that he wants them to pay and leaves Emre-chan to his own boss. His own boss tells him the hardships of maintaining a hibachi style restaurant and tries to tell him how important his operation is. His boss ultimately understands that Emre-chan was set up perhaps by his competitors and has Emre-chan clear his name or else lose his "pinky finger." Emre-chan suspect that it must be the loan shark that set him up.

3 "Ramen is Life" Mar 18, 2017 Link
Learning that he might have been set up by the loan sharks, Emre-chan heads off into the office and confronts the boss. Before he could beat him up, Emre-chan's boss, Ben*h@nа barges in let's the lender go. Wondering why his own boss would do such a thing, he demands an explanation. Instead, Ben*h@nа asks Emre-chan to spy on Japanese Chil*'s operating under Ben*h@nа.

He gets a message from his friend Nishikiyama and heads over to Japanese Chil*'s where he grew up under the care of Kashiwagi. After discussing the problem at hand, Emre-chan decides he will quit the restaurant and live out on his own, cooking ramen in shoes and eating it with bagels and cheese. Both Nishikiyama and Kashiwagi try to stop him but Emre-chan thanks his old guardian and leaves to start his restaurant free life.

4 "How NOT to Play Mahjong" Mar 29, 2017 Link
Quitting the life of working in restaurants, Emre-chan heads over to the nearest convenience store to use their microwave to cook ramen in a shoe. After wasting their time looking through the magazines, Emre-chan tries to have fun going to ramen shops and tries to pick up some girls but ends up talking to a clown. The clown gives Emre-chan power-up however so it was worth it.

The rest of the episode involves Aaron trying to score points in Mahjong. He fails horribly because he played with Chinese rules instead of the modified Japanese rules.

5 Tattooed Nerd (Tattooed Tard) Apr 13, 2017 Link
Emre-chan submits his resignation to Ben*h@nа but he wants to make Emre-chan the Japplebees night manager and does not want him to quit. Ben*h@nа sends "Yoneda" Yonda and his buddies to put Emre-chan in his place but Emre-chan ends up defeating all of them and challenges Ben*h@nа. Emre-chan and Ben*h@nа has an epic showdown that leaves Emre-chan the winner. Humiliated by his defeat, Olive Zen Garden demands Ben*h@nа cut off his finger.

Koralik also makes an appearance as the big guy that throws chairs.

6 "Mr. Shakedown" May 6, 2017 Link
Having officially cut ties with Ben*h@nа, Emre-chan gets recruited by Tachibana of the Tachibana Real Estate. Emre-chan gets his clothes taken away until he agreed to work with him to get that empty lot. Afterwards, Emre-chan tries to get in contact with his friend Nishikiyama but is stopped by a giant fedora wearing man known as Mr. Shakedown.

Along the way, Emre-chan stops by at the Sega Arcade, where they play 80s games and win prizes for Aaron, who pretends to be Emre-chan's girlfriend.

Emre-chan, now living in a dingy apartment, welcomes Nishikiyama and discusses sticking things up they're own penises. In no way they were talking about the real estate deal this game is centered around.

7 Panties Police May 12, 2017 Link

8 "Dippity Ding Dong Director" May 20, 2017 Link
Walking the alleyways of Tokyo, Emre-chan is approached by two young television crew members. The television crew tells Emre-chan about their dilemma and somehow talks Emre-chan into becoming a flamboyant television director.

While there were a few hiccups during the shoot, the television crew is successfully able to get the required footage and Emre-chan gets up to leave the (filming) location.

However, the real television director arrives to the scene wearing the ridiculous clothes Emre-chan was forced to wear. The real television director gets angry at having an imposter fill his role and tries to physically assault his imposter. Emre-chan, being a former member of the mafia, has no trouble beating the "menacing man." Somehow, the television crew finds a newfound love for film-making and thanks Emre-chan for all they have done.

9 "Stabby Panty Perv" May 27, 2017 Link
Emre-chan fights many Men in Black in the streets. He decides to go back and finish the burusera ring quest. He goes up to every high school girl and says "Hey Sachiko. Shut down your Burusera ring" but is surprised every time when the girl is offended that he thinks she does that. He pays a lot of money to one girl because he has insulted her honor. He finally tracks her down, but she refuses to shut it down until a man comes up to her and demands her love. Emre-chan fights him, convincing Sachiko to shut down the business. Sachiko then asks "the Yakuza" to marry her. Emre-chan then limps off.

10 "Beauty and the Beast Mode" Jun 2, 2017 Link
Emre-chan gets confused by a man with a poodle on his head. He then sees a female collection agent demanding money from a man, but the man gets upset to be accosted by a female. Miss Tatsu beats the crap out of him and Emre-chan starts doing martial arts in a black background and throws a bicycle. He then intervenes in a group of men thuggish goons who are going to take Miss Tatsu down. Emre sings the Beauty and the Beast song because he goes into beast mode and starts swinging a motorcycle around at the goons. The goons are then faced by Miss Tatsu and run off in fear.  Bacchus sets Kiryu up to fight Miss Tatsu so that he can learn from her, but in the process, everyone makes to many metaphors and then communicate only through grunts and moans. Bacchus then talks about his 3, foot-long pubic hairs.

11 "Yanki Doo Doo" Jun 9, 2017 Link
Emre-chan helps the man with the poodle on his head and his band behave like cool guys so that they don't seem like posers who have never even seen a woman naked before.

12 "Pocket Tissue Alley" Jul 7, 2017 Link

13 "The Magic of Jesus" Jul 14, 2017 Link

14 "The Best Night Ever" Jul 21, 2017 Link

15 "How To Be A Latex Queen" Jul 27, 2017 Link

16 "WHAT A TWIST!" Aug 18, 2017 Link

17 "It's Showtime!" Sep 21, 2017 Link

18 "Neck Breaker!" Oct 7, 2017 Link

19 "Dancing Underpants Man" Nov 14, 2017 Link

20 "Nerd Neutrality" Dec 14, 2017 Link

21 "Naughty Couple" Dec 19, 2017 Link

22 "Indecent Proposal" Jan 12, 2018 Link

23 "How To Lose an Eye in 10 Days" Jan 19, 2018 Link

24 "Drinking Pee" Jan 25, 2018 Link


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