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GTA For Pimps
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Created by
No. of episodes 15 +3
Editor(s) Emre Cihangir
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release September 20, 2013 (2013-09-20) – December 28, 2015 (2015-12-28)
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"GTA For Pimps" is a let's play comedy show by Aaron and Emre taking place in the games Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They have made stories from the series playing as either Michael or Franklin and built a character online called Pinky Taint.

There are two tidbit episodes featuring Franklin's driving while gun to head and Trevor yelling at strippers.

Game Society Pimps have also done numerous live shows with the fans on GTA V, often getting banned for using a video capturing program.

They have also played with the fans including a Presidential Gamer video, where Pres. Obama promotes his healthcare website.

The opening theme song for GTA For Pimps is "RetroFuture Clean" by Kevin MacLeod.[1][2]





# Title Original
YouTube Link

1 Blimps or T*ts? Sep 20, 2013 Link

In this episode, Aaron and Emre play as both Franklin and Michael. Emre wants Franklin to go to the strip club. Aaron wants to ride the blimp. After a little argument, Emre's demand wins out and Franklin goes to the strip club. Franklin manages to persuade a stripper to go home with him but Franklin finds out that he needs to have a car to take her home. Upon failing to steal a car, Franklin runs away from the cops.

Meanwhile, Michael drives a blimp. Aaron discovers that a blimp ride is boring and decides he wants Michael to leave. Unable to land the blimp, Michael jump off the blimp into a body of water assuming that he would be fine if he landed in water. Michael is wasted and pays $400 to reattach his organs (according to Emre).

2 Funny Blues Brothers Cops Oct 1, 2013 Link
In this episode, Aaron and Emre play as Michael. Michael is wandering the outskirts of the city. He gets chased by a police car but Michael pulls the old cliffdiver, a move where you speed up to a cliff on your car and stop right before the edge of the cliff. The police car goes flying.

Michael decides he wants to go on a vacation. He steals a car already packed to go on vacation and robs an armored truck. Now having enough money for vacation, he gets to the hiking area. Micheal goes around knocking into other people (apparently it's a disease).

During his trip, Micheal witnesses a hiker run down a side of a cliff. In order to save humanity, Micheal kills the hiker. Micheal ponders whether he should win the Nobel peace prize or the Nobel headshot prize. Micheal now bored decides to ask if there is Starbucks nearby. Michael harasses grandma hipster.

Micheal now decides to harass a cyclist and forcibly challenge him to a race. Michael knocks off the cyclist and decides to be nice and inform his friends about the cyclist's accident. However, he describes the cyclist as "fat, has a humpback, a goiter, a beard, a hairlip, and a red and blue jersey." At the very end, the cops arrive at the hiking area and pile up on Michael, doing cop car acrobats to try to stop Michael.

3 Michael's Bad Day Oct 18, 2013 Link

Michael helps a lady who has gotten her car stolen and takes back the car from the robber. As soon as the car is returned to the owner, Michael steals the car and goes home.

Micheal is now home and he schemes how to create chaos with an exercise ball. After some trouble getting the ball through the front door, Michael unleashes an exercise ball into the world. Emre wants it to create a 16 car pile up. However, their dreams were dashed after the exercise ball ruptured on contact with the car. Micheal gets hit by a car soon after. In rage, he hits a poor unsuspecting woman walking down the street. Additionally he calls a house on sale to get back a house with an exercise ball. Without any luck with the call, Micheal goes right onto the property and confronts the owner. The owner is wearing toe socks. Michael is offended by this and slaps this man. Michael is chased by a cop and is ultimately wasted.

4 Eat at Hookies Oct 30, 2013 Link

Michael depressed from the last episode, goes on a shopping spree. First stop, Hookies, a unpopular family restaurant with gang problems. Franny, an employee, texts Michael to congratulates his new ownership.

Then, Michael goes get a haircut and adds a beard and he goes to knock into women by the shore. Emre diagnoses buying Hookies as a midlife crisis.

Michael has to go on a supply run for Hookies. Anxious for his first job at Hookies, Michael drives horrendously, breaking all of the wine bottles in the truck. Emre suggests that since all of the wine bottles are broken, the biker gangs are going to drink Michael's blood.

Michael does the supply run mission again. He develops some suspicion as to why there is a time limit to delivering wine and comes to a conclusion that somebody must be making meth in the back of the truck.

Michael ponders who used to own this place, takes inappropriate pictures for promotion of the restaurant and goes postal after Michael discovers that the bikers hanging out at the restaurant just bring their own beverage. Michael goes on a "viral marketing campaign" by violence. Back at the restaurant, he tries to get the bikers, two identical Asian man, and Ambulance workers to come to his restaurant and fails. Hookies is now closed.

5 Blimp-dependence Day Nov 18, 2013 Link

Michael goes to the shore and tries to have fun, starting first with kicking some beach balls. Unfortunatly, no women wanted to play with his beach balls. Deciding he might have more luck with the guys, he goes plays with the guys. However, he finds out that he was playing in the game, "kick the *ssh*le," where he gets kicked.

In the middle of the night, Michael gets a text from Hookies that he needs to go get drinks for the bar. Michael, being the owner of Hookies, questions why he has to do it, however he reluctantly does his duty. At daytime, he goes to the streets to harass some women standing with their coffees.

On the way back to Hookies, he goes to gas station. Unable to fill gas, he gets in a fight with a guy with a cigarette. Eventually, Michael just pours the gas all over the place, hoping some of the gas would go in. He discharges a firearm in the vicinity of the station and the station blows up.

Back at Hookies, he uses the minigun and shoots at customers and passersby as a marketing technique.

Sick of his restaurant, Michael decides to destroy his restaurant and goes on a military aircraft. He fires at Hookies but the bikers allegedly erected a force-field around Hookies. Michael parachutes out of the aircraft. Control tower operator (voiced by Emre) tells Michael to proceed with operation ID4 (Independence Day). Michael gets a blimp and files right into Hookies yelling "Damn you Hookies." Michael asks for assurance if Hookies is gone forever. Control hesitantly says "yeah."

6 Tractor Adventure Dec 11, 2013 Link

Franklin does a towing job for Tanya a crack addict. Upon learning that Franklin was not going to be paid for his services, he decides to talk to Tanya with his car and runs her over. Franklin is suspicious that Tanya may get back up again. He calls her phone to see if she's dead. No answer. Not assured, he decides to get other cars to run her over. Aaron and Emre witnesses some pretty gruesome people just running over her corpse. Emre (in character) suggest they should do a psychological study by leaving a dead body on the side of a road. Feeling confident that she's dead, Franklin drives off but soon enough Tanya calls.

Franklin goes on a vacation to the countryside to escape the horror and stays at a barn in the countryside for 9 hours. He steals a rusty tractor, causes a mess, and drives back to town. Aaron and Emre (in character) decides to sing a song while driving back to town on the slow tractor.

Black man on a tractor,

Going 25,

I became a farmer,

By taking a bunch of farmer's lives.

After passing a cop, they fret that they don't have taillights on. They wonder what these tractors use for tail lights. They came to the conclusion of midgets holding a lamp.

Once Franklin gets back to the city, he takes a visit to the strip club. Aaron and Emre makes farm euphemisms and gets Juliet to want to go home with Franklin but the tractor won't fit two. He steals a jeep and Aaron and Emre are both sad that they have to think of jeep euphemisms instead. Emre actually makes a good jeep joke on the fly (I would like to see you topless like my jeep). Franklin goes home with Juliet. The end.

7 Dumb Noobs Online Jan 10, 2014 Link

Aaron and Emre play as Pinky Taint, on GTA V Online. Pinky gets picked up by Lamar at the airport. They allegedly met on chat roulette. The first thing Pinky does is race.

After the race, Pinky teams up with JimmyJazz and others speaking a language Aaron and Emre cannot understand. JimmyJazz is overwhelmingly the strongest player and gets all the kills. Emre taunts Aaron by saying "I should be at JimmyJazz's house doing video commentary." Aaron decides to take up the opportunity by follow JimmyJazz saying "Emre loves you. Emre wants to bear your children, you can have little Emre Jazz babies." Emre responds, "I just want to drive them to daycare and watch them for several hours."

Pinky goes shopping for clothes, holds up stores, and then gets killed. The word "frenemy" is scrutinized in this episode. Pinky teams up with a milf.

8 Hot Moms and Tanks Jan 28, 2014 Link

Emre and Aaron plays with the fans.

9 Nemesis Mar 15, 2014 Link
Emre and Aaron plays with the fans.

This is the episode where Emre writes a valentine's day card for Aaron.

Emre: Whoever wins this death match is officially a bad ass, and I'm going to write a valentines card on valentine's day.

Aaron: Okay then I don't want to win. I don't want a Valentine's card

Emre's Card: Roses are red. Violets are blue. I've played this game once, yet I'm still better than you.

Emre: But it's going to have actually like a partially nude picture of me inside of it too.

Also, this is the episode with the infamous discussion about Emre's d*ck and balls.

The title of this episode was originally Nemesis Arsehole.

10 Demolition Derby Mar 29, 2014 Link

Emre and Aaron plays with the fans. Aaron and Emre opens up the GTA Demolition Derby 2014. Here are the rules.

  1. NO guns
  2. No bombs
  3. Do not kill the fire marshal
  4. When you (or your car) die you're out

When Humiliator69 shoot herself in the face, it's the signal to start. Aaron and Emre commentates.

11 Planes Trains and Exploding Automobiles Apr 18, 2014 Link

Emre and Aaron plays with the fans.

12 Photobomber Jun 20, 2014 Link

Emre and Aaron plays with the fans.

13 'Murica! Aug 5, 2014 Link

Aaron (as Michael) drives the liberator to show off their how American he is.

Emre sarcastically claims Michael is a job creator (an American attribute) running Hookies, the least successful small business in the state. Aaron explains how that's American. "You start a business. You're an entrepreneur. You can start any kind of business you want and then, if you fail you f*ckin, dust off your *ssh*le and you get back up and pull your *ssh*le up by the bootstraps and you start a new business."

However, the reason he can afford the things he has now is because he spilled hot tarter sauce on his balls and he sued McDonalds.

He decides that running a business is too hard and goes to the fair to relax. He goes on a mission to be more American and buys a mask, and changes clothes. He steps outside to get back to his car and some guys is messing with his liberator. He then punishes that guy.

Aaron and Emre discusses dating. At the amusement park section, Aaron (as Michael) goes on the Ferris wheel with Emre but wants to get off the Ferris wheel as soon as he goes on. Emre starts to smell something stinky. Aaron has pooped himself. Aaron advances onto Emre. Emre is repulsed and cries for help to the other riders.

Michael enters a Triathalon. While running in the event, he becomes sad that he blew up Hookies. He was just thinking about taking out advertising for Hookies on his jumpsuit. Right before he crosses the finish line, he decides that if he wins the race he will reopen Hookies. He wins and steals a car to get back to Hookies.

14 Jesus With a Mini-Gun Jun 27, 2015 Link

Aaron, as Jesus, awards everyone with cars shot from a bullet. He is sent down to Earth to start the end times. Emre plays as God, giving his favorite son everything like it's Christmas. Jesus has trouble driving the ATV and claims it rams into the nearest person because there were none back in his day, just sheep. Jesus goes to finish his job at the strip club but all the strippers were gone. God admits he has taken them all to heaven in his room. Jesus gets turned into his final form, God's favorite creation, the fish.

15 First Person Madness Dec 28, 2015 Link

Emre plays as a clown. He is on a mission to meet his mom driving the train according to Aaron. After failing to get some action at the strip club, he goes on a quest to pick up a hooker. However, the hooker turned out to be Emre's mom as per Aaron.

Other GTA playthoughs

"President Obama Plays GTA 5 Online"

The President talks to an Austrian dude, who wants to be the next Schwarzenegger, about healthcare.[3] The episode is part of the Presidential Gaming series featuring Jason Stephens voicing as Pres. Obama.


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