FigureItOut Productions

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FigureItOut Productions
Industry Production Company
Founded 2008
Founder Adam Koralik
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Products Bad Movie Theatre
Quickshoot Series
Keep Dreaming

FigureItOut Productions is an American production company owned by Adam Koralik and Emre Cihangir. The production company is based in Chicago, Illinois.

In the late 00s, FigureItOut Productions was established by Adam Koralik and his roommate at the time, Emre Cihangir, who both attended Colombia College Chicago as film students. Acquiring a new team of filmmakers, the production company has created short films, mashup trailers, commercials, and web-series such as Bad Movie Theatre and Keep Dreaming. Their YouTube channel is now maintained by Adam Koralik mainly focusing on their Quickshoot series about retro gaming and video games in general.

FigureItOut Productions has been involved in the production of Blame Society Films' most famous web-series Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager as well as Beer and Board Games and eHal with Hal Thompson.


Adam, Emre, and a new team of filmmakers

In 2008, Adam Koralik directed Astro-Nots, his first film under FigureItOut Production initially created as a class project during his college years as a student at Columbia College Chicago. According to the bio, "The story is about two friends study their whole lives to become astronauts, when suddenly one of them gets tempted by other aspects of life which upsets his friend." The film stars his cousins Scott Koralik and Mike Koralik.

In 2009, FigureItOut Productions released a dark comedy film starring Billy Atchison, John Turk and Kevin Lingle. According to the bio, "The story is a dark comedy about the people who work in the PR department of a super-villain named Dr. Death’s company, Death Inc. It follows Bill Hill, a timid but dedicated applicant, as he goes through a potentially fatal interview process and his first night on the job. But he quickly learns that despite working in an office, he is just as expendable as the thugs on the street. Their lives simply don’t matter; they’re just Henchmen."

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