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Angry Hunter
File:Angry Hunter title card.jpg
Created by
No. of episodes 33
Editor(s) Emre Cs
Production company(s) Game Society Pimps
Original release October 12, 2012 (2012-10-12) – present
Related shows Far Cry 4 Pimps
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The Angry Hunter is an American comedy web-series created by the Game Society Pimps. The series is a collection of playthroughs almost exclusively dealing with hunting video games, commentated by Aaron Yonda, Emre Cihangir, and Adam Koralik. The quality of hunting games can be quite questionable, often receiving mediocre reviews on websites such as Metacritic, Steam, and Amazon.

Common themes in the Game Society Pimps Angry Hunter gameplays include making fun of the quality of the games, role-playing as crazy abusive alpha males often associated with hunting culture for satirical comedy purposes, and detailing a fantastical list of bad knock-off movies often employing over-the-top film-making techniques and the acting talents of Jeff Goldblum.

Following the launch of the episode "Must...Kill...Rhinos - Cabela's African Safari," which initiated the Angry Hunter series (earlier episodes were retroactively added to the series), Aaron and Emre established roles for each other. In their new roles, the "hardened" father (played by Aaron) gives his "weakling" son terrible hunting advice to pass the time playing sh*tty hunting games.

The Angry Hunter series has had a recent uptick in views, Aaron claims in an episode of Skyrim - You Choose What We Do.[1]

Description of the series[edit]

On the Game Society Pimps official YouTube playlist of the series, the Angry Hunter is described as "Hunting, fishing, and failure. We play some horrible awful games and become very sad." [2]

On the FigureItOut Productions website (owned by Adam Koralik) and the TV Show playlist of the series, the series is described as follows, "The Angry Hunter hunts for the elusive good hunting videogame, a quest considered by most to be impossible. Along his journey, he will leave no stone unturned and no animal breathing until he can stop being angry."[3][4]


Special guest[edit]

  • Greg Benson

Memorable quotes[edit]

  • It's illegal to shoot through the bushes - ("Shitty, Shitty Hunting Game - TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN CHALLENGE!")
  • "I - I hate this game." - Aaron ("Worst Fishing Game Ever (Greg Benson Special Guest)")
  • There are no exploding barrels in this level - ("Civil War 2 'Reloaded' Funny Walkthrough")
  • Kill the darkest one - ("Must...Kill...Rhinos - Cabela's African Safari")
  • "Aaron, why are we such a p*ssy in this game?" "Because our father says we eat tofu!" "We should write a strongly worded leather" - Emre, Aaron, Emre ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 1")
  • "There is no such thing as an unrealistic amount of wolves" - Father ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 1")
  • "They're running now, that means the T-rex is coming" - Father ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 1")
  • "Welcome to Uganda, son, they kill gay people here" - Father ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 2")
  • "That's a stick. No, that's a snake. No, that's a stick." - Son ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 2")
  • "When you go Mbeki, you never go mbacki" - Father ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 3")
  • "You named the bathtub?" - Father ("Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 Part 2")
  • "I'm another Rutherford from another Buffalo herd" - Aaron as a buffalo ("The Tiger King - Cabela's African Adventure Part 1")
  • "The trees here look like something out of a Dr. Suess novel" - Father ("The Tiger King - Cabela's African Adventure Part 1")

Episode list[edit]

In 2017, changes in the YouTube algorithm caused numerous channels to be "blacklisted" based on words in the titles or descriptions of one or more of their videos, effectively hiding these channels from viewers (and advertisers). To counteract this "Adpocalypse," as it was commonly known, Game Society Pimps retroactively changed the titles of some of their older videos. All episodes are listed under their current titles; if an episode was renamed, its original title is next to the new title in parenthesis.

The following is a list of episodes that are recognized to be part of the Angry Hunter series. The list is broken into story arcs, which are not official and are only used for convenience purposes.

Pre-Cabela's Arc[edit]

Several games were included in the Angry Hunter series retroactively, most likely because they met a similar theme of outdoor play and mediocrity.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- "Civil War" Should Be Called "Reloading Gun" Civil War Game Review - Link
Aaron and Adam play The History Channel: Civil War -- A Nation Divided (Wikipedia) published by Activision Value. Aaron plays as a Union soldier. After a brief history video, the game starts. Aaron complains that he has to reload after each shot and decides that the confederates lost because they spent too much time reloading.

- Bad Hunting Game - TOTAL OUTDOORSMAN CHALLENGE! (Shitty, Shitty Hunting Game) Feb 25, 2012 Link
The title says it all. Aaron and Emre play Field & Stream: Total Outdoorsman Challenge (Wikipedia) published by 505 Games. The game got a 2 out of 10 rating from Official Xbox Magazine.[5] The objective of the game is to hunt prey using the players' hunting skills such as observing animal tracks and listening to animal calls. Additionally, the player can use "Scent Vision," which Aaron has likened to "getting high." The game awards the player with achievements very liberally. One of the achievements in the game is called "Basic Huting Skills." The misspelling of the word "Hunting" is a testament to the quality of the game.

Aaron starts with the deer hunting level and despite being warned not to shoot through the bushes, he manages to kill the deer. However, when Aaron starts the fox hunting level he is unable to find any foxes. Adam suggests to Aaron that he should look in the trees to which both Aaron and Emre ridiculed and pointed out that foxes don't live in trees. Adam clarified that he meant rabbits instead of foxes, which garnered further ridicule since the objective was not to hunt for rabbits. After a while, Aaron decides that his character has broken his legs and a helicopter needs to lift him up and quits the game. Aaron goes to the leaderboards and finds some players who have dropped a lot of time on the game.

- Worst Fishing Game Ever (Greg Benson Special Guest) Mar 2012 Link
Aaron invites special guest Greg Benson (MediocreFilms) to play the game Rapala Tournament Fishing (Wikipedia) published by Activision. The game explores the fun of sport fishing. IGN gave the game 3.0 out of 10.

Aaron starts playing the game and his player "t*ts girl" as described by Greg goes out on a motorboat to fish. Aaron immediately realizes that he might have to buy equipment. Aaron's character rams into another fisher's boat. The other fisher tells Aaron to "keep a distance" and that he would be disqualified if he does not. After starting the actual part of the game, fishing, Greg decides that he would rather go back to using Facebook. Adam replaces Greg and dominates the game. Greg comes back after another "t*ts girl" appears in the game.

After quitting the main game, Greg asks if Aaron will make the fans watch the whole game-play. Aaron says the full video would be on a different website called

The game also has unlockable movies.

- Civil War 2 "Reloaded" Funny Walkthrough May 2012 Link
Aaron and Adam play the squeal to the first Civil War game, History Civil War: Secret Missions (Wikipedia). Aaron plays as a Confederate soldier this time. He explains how his character treats his slaves and discovers Gatling guns in the game. Finding the sequel to be quite enjoyable, largely in part to the improved reload times, Aaron claims that he likes the game more than he likes spending time with Adam. His respect for the game was betrayed after the level indicated that there were no exploding barrels but he lost the game due to an exploding barrel. See There are no exploding barrels in this level.

Cabela's Hunting Games Arc[edit]

The first episode of the Angry Hunter series began on October 12, 2012 with the playthrough of Cabela's African Safari.[6][7] The Game Society Pimps continues the series the following year with other Cabela's titles, the newer episodes featuring Aaron and Emre as hosts. The two hosts role-play as father and son, discussing their family issues plagued by the eccentricity of the father.

While not all episodes feature Cabela's games, the banter between father and son continue throughout the entirety of the series.

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- Must...Kill...Rhinos - Cabela's African Safari Oct 12, 2012 Link
Aaron and Adam play Cabela's African Safari (Wikipedia). Aaron hunts for dik-diks. How to find them? "Just gotta look for the big shlongs roaming around." "A dik-dik is two d*cks. Double your d*cks, double your fun. Double your pleasure with double d*ck cum" (quotes by Aaron). Aaron was unable to find the dik-diks and failed so he reluctantly starts the Safari Hunt.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 1 Dec 20, 2012 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 (Wikipedia).

Starting with this episode, Aaron and Emre role-play as father and son. The father is portrayed as an abusive asshole who is never accepting of his wimpy son, Cole. The story is told mainly through the eyes of Cole but his father is somehow able to communicate with his son even after the father disappears from the scene. Through interactions between the father and his son, hilarious anecdotes are revealed, displaying Cole's unfortunate upbringing.

Cole is in Montana with his father and brother. His father and brother gets attacked and Cole has to survive the wilderness. His father tells Cole that he is behind sending all the animals to attack him. His father gives misleading advice to try to get Cole killed. The following is a great quote from the episode.

Cole: This is a completely unrealistic amount of wolves.

Father: There is no such thing as an unrealistic amount of wolves.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 2 Jan 3, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011.

Cole is in Uganda with his father and Mbeki, a ranger. His father has softened from last time. He has befriended the water buffaloes and developed relationships with all the animals Cole is trying to hunt. His father now drives a Prius and grows soy crops. Similar to the time in Montana, his father gives misleading advice to try to get Cole killed.

During Cole's hunt, his father claims that he has been eating by an alligator. Cole starts shooting at the alligators to save his father but his father reveals that he wasn't eaten by an alligator after all. The alligators are animatronic and are leftovers from a animatronic alligator restaurant his friend sold to him when the restaurant shut down.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 3 Jan 17, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011.

Cole continues his hunt in Uganda. His father tells his son that due to a tear in the space time vortex, Montana and Uganda were once next to each other. Cole also finds out his father's disgusting fetish involving animal butt holes. His father's truck was also flipped by a weasel or a rhino.

Mbeki is revealed to be pregnant.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Part 4 Jan 25, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011.

Cole is chased by a prairie fire. Mbeki is hurt. As Cole runs around and his father reveals that Cole's mother is Mbeki. His father and Mbeki met on M'Chat Roulette and had Cole 30 years ago. Cole was earlier informed that his mother was from M'Montana.

Additionally, Cole finds out that his brother is a superhero. He has the ability to freeze meat. Cole was not impressed. However, Cole's ability is hunter's scene and it is the worst.

His father sets up a baborgy for Cole that Cole immediately refused. Cole also shot a baboon that was holding a tape recorder to conduct a interview with Cole. Cole got to Mbeki but he was unable to save his life.

Cole eventually makes it to his father's hideout. His father reveals that he was lying about the whole thing. He was not gay and Mbeki was not pregnant. He pretended so he could forge his son to become a man. His father says he wanted to make sure that his son wasn't gay and that he was a man. After his son questions his father if he knew what the word gay meant, his father responded "gay means (you) don't like to hunt." Cole corrects him.

His father disappears again and Cole fights the final boss, the hyena.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 Part 1 Mar 8, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 (Wikipedia).

It's 2013 and Cole is goes hunting with his father and brother. This time, Cole's father acquires a CB radio in order to communicate with Cole. Cole on the other hand, upgraded his superpower ability to see blue gases. He can detect his brother's farts. The hunting trip ended prematurely when a bear mauled his father.

Cole returns to Uganda. His father, just like two years ago, gives misleading advice to try to get Cole killed. Cole discovers the building where his father tried to set him up with a baboon two years ago. He goes in and accidentally shoots his father wearing a hyena suit.

Seeing the abundance of lions, Cole decides lions cannot be endangered.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 Part 2 Mar 16, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013.

Cole continues his hunt in Uganda. He stumbles upon Ugandan ruins, a chocolate manufacturing plant. It was famous for Charlie and the Ugandan Chocolate Factory and Baboonpaloopas. He leaves the factory by slides down the sides.

As Cole checks out a photo book of him and his brother, Cole reminisces about his hunts in the snow. This is when his father explained to him about the rules of hunting. The rules is as follows:

  1. No grenades
  2. You can't be gay
  3. No salad

In a new scene, Cole is now on a rescue mission to save a family taken away by a beast. Unfortunately for Cole, the rescue mission takes place on his father's movie set. His father tries to convince him that the Cheetahs on the set are trained and they are just method actors.

As Cole fights off the Cheetahs, Cole reflects and has a conversation with his father about his childhood. Cole reveals that he wanted a firetruck toy when he was three but his father gave him bologna and told him to suck it. Cole claims he was vegan at three. His father doubts a three year old can even be vegan. Cole brings up the bathtub made out of an elephant and his emotions about it as a little boy. Young Cole even named the tub Tarly. His father just brushes it off. Cole recalls that he was unable to bake cookies with his mom because his father would cook animal butt holes and not wash the oven.

One of the movie that his father captured was Tree Cheetahs in Paris.

- Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 Part 3 Mar 23, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013.

Cole and his father discuss "Family Video 8." Jenny, Cole's girlfriend in fourth grade, committed suicide because of this.

Cole battles the final boss, the lion. The game felt sorry for Cole and the game ends. Credits.

- Lions, and Videotape - Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 Part 1 (Sex, Lions, and Videotape) May 11, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 (Wikipedia).

Cole is in Russia to hunt and meets Sergei. After that Cole travels to the savannas of Africa, where "Disneyfrica" is being built. Instead of hunting, Cole wastes time trying to cross a log bridge.Unfortunately, there is a time limit and Cole is unable to place impala bait in order to bait a lion. With very little precious time left, Cole figures out that he has a lion call, which is a horn that mimics a lion call when blown into. He becomes confused whether the lion call is supposed to call lions or scare away the impalas.

Cole is notified that the lions were in the camp (iPhone factory).

- iPhone Factory Lions - Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 Part 2 May 29, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009.

Cole storms back to the camp to save the workers and after some struggles, he was able to save two workers. After the incident, Cole goes to Alaska to hunt bears. He meets Pierre, a Frenchman living in a cabin. Pierre offers Cole a baguette after Cole's multiple attempts of assassination. Cole ends up saving Pierre from a bear.

Cole travels to Ecuador, saves a woman and sidesteps in a pond in attempt to dodge the piranhas. Cole eventually gets eaten by a tiger in India.

- Motercycle Wolves - Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 Part 1 Aug 10, 2013 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 (Wikipedia).

Cole(Jack)'s father has a new mission: join the Orion's Club (Cole's father's version of the Order of Orion Club). He's in Colorado. Cole and his father discusses guns and bullets.

- Mean Sheep - Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010 Part 2 (Racist Sheep) Apr 30, 2014 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010.

Cole moves on to Montana, then on to New Zealand. His father's requests "Animal info" (revealed by the A button) for his blog about the animals his son kills.

- Cabela's Adventure Camp "Hunting for Kids!" - XBox 360 Kinect Feb 8, 2014 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's Adventure Camp.

When Cole was ten years old, he attended Cabela's hunting camp. Cole relieves that memory. To accomplish this, Emre is forced to dance around to control Cole. Cole goes skeet shooting, archery, whacking groundhogs, etc. It is revealed from a letter Cole received during camp that this was when "Video number 8" (Family Video 8) was filmed.

- The Tiger King - Cabela's African Adventure Part 1 May 10, 2014 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's African Adventure.

Cole is back in Africa. His father produced a new film called The Tiger King, similar to The Lion King. Cole tries to figure out the contents of his father's new film but he doesn't like what he hears.

For more info on The Tiger King...

- Our Most Offensive Video Ever - Cabela's African Adventure Part 2 May 21, 2014 Link
Aaron and Emre continues playing Cabela's African Adventure.

Cole and his father reveal more information on the Tiger King as Cole destroys a hyena village. His father tries to pimp-out his cheetahs to his son. The cheetahs however preemptively reject Cole's potential sexual advances per text message to his father. Cole is outraged that his father would assume that he would pay money for sex with a cheetah let alone having s*x with a cheetah.

- Jude Law Fu*ks a Leopard - Cabela's African Adventure Part 3 May 26, 2014 Link
Aaron and Emre continues playing Cabela's African Adventure.

Cole continues his hunt in Africa. He explores a dark cave and finds nothing. Cole calls it the cave of maximum bullsh*t. His father claims he used to be a bestiality lawyer and that he could save Cole from a cheetah by using the law, specifically Jude Law. Jude Law is apparently in the dark cave Cole explored earlier and Cole decides to go back to the cave to find him. Cole leaves the cave after his father tells him that he is filming Tiger King 4 and the movie involves Cole doing butts*x with a leopard for 16 hours.

Cole and his father finally reach an agreement that these hunting games are terrible and that they would rather watch the whole Tiger King series uncut.

- Bear Buns - Cabela's Big Game Hunter Wii U (Bear Butt) Apr 5, 2015 Link
Aaron and Emre play Cabela's Big Hunter Wii U.

Aaron and Emre make fun of how obvious the advice the hunting experts in the game give the players. Advice such as: Hide behind a rock so whatever has eyes can't see you. When you move it makes noise.

Cole is looking for an elusive bear. The father calls it the Kevlar Bear or Bearlar. The father says the best way to become friendly with a bear is to tickle his balls. When Cole finally finds the bear, he points his gun at the bear ready to shoot. However, the game tells Cole that he's run out of ammo. He had been walking around with no ammo this whole time.

Cole finds out that he had been a guinea pig for his father's vaccine experiments.

This episode was originally titled "Bear Butt"

- Bear Buns 2 - Cabela's Big Game Hunter Wii U (Bear Butt 2) Apr 9, 2015 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Big Hunter Wii U.

Cole finally gets his bear but the game rewards Cole by giving him negative points.

This episode was originally titled "Bear Butt 2"

- Drunk Fishing Wii U (Greg Benson Special Guest) Jun 6, 2015 Link
Aaron and Greg Benson (of MediocreFilms) plays Rapala Pro Bass Fishing for Wii U a throwback to when Aaron and Greg played Rapala Tournament Fishing in March of 2012 (source).

- OMG WTF How is This Even a Game Dec 19, 2016 Link
Aaron and Emre try to play Whitetail Challenge (Mossberg) rated 4 out of 10 on Steam.[8]

Cole's father is back from the Outback (the stakehouse), and is excited to tell his story to his son about his experience there.

His father goes to the Outback to order Bloomin Onions, which is the only thing he orders, with a old gay fellow named Terry Hawking. Terry Hawking is a old man with Alzheimer's disease, who has recently died. Cole's dad consults his son on what to say at his funeral after revealing that Terry killed his five children, dressing his kids up in bear costumes and hunting them.

It is also revealed that every time Cole's father goes to Outback, he loses his memory in rage, which forces the Outback staff to kick both him and Terry out. Cole suspicious of the story of Outback's treatment of an old man, suggests that perhaps he just broke into an Australian family's house and ate their onions. Later, Cole realizes that his father needed more dipping sauce in order to prevent the rage.

In terms of gameplay, Emre is able to shoot a green eyed fox, but has trouble shooting deer. At the end of the video, Emre finally shoots down a deer, however before Cole gets to his prize, he dies and the game goes back to the load screen. Aaron, Emre, and Adam (in the background) all agree that this may be the worst hunting game they have ever played.

- A Duck Dynasty Game? DAFUQ? Feb 10, 2017 Link
The guys played some Duck Dynasty game.

- Duck Dye Nasty (Duck Die Nasty) Mar 17, 2017 Link
The guys continue the Duck Dynasty playthrough.

- Hunt One Moose Apr 1, 2017 Link
Aaron and Emre play another Cabela's hunting game. This time it's Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai and Cole/Jack is back hunting in the snowy tundra of southern Alaska.

- Dances with Wolves Apr 8, 2017 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai.

Cole, lost in a wintry forest, looks for his co-worker (who slightly resembles Serana from Skyrim). He climbs cliffs and learns how to jump from one ledge to another. Along his treacherous climbs, he finds a few notes left by a stranger. Cole and his father both find this ridiculous since it's not likely for people to leave random notes on the side of a cliff. Besides, it's mostly drawings of dicks.

Cole finally reaches his co-worker but she is injured and lying on the ground. He leaves her to go on a hunt to gather fur. The fur will be used to make a coat. However, this takes a while because Cole insists on making a coat with moose fur even though there are plenty of wolves around. After finally finding a moose, Cole rips open the moose and places the woman inside its guts.

Cole then leaves his co-worker to find all the vials of vaccines scattered throughout the wilderness. He destroys icicles blocking his way and bears swinging logs. Finally finding all the vials, a screen comes up asking Aaron and Emre, "are you sure you want to continue Story Mode?" They take a few minutes debating whether they want to continue and then someone farts.

Back in the game, a Siberian Husky named Mandy Pandy of Munchkin Town comes to the rescue and takes Cole and his co-worker to an old man's cabin. However, they are not safe yet as two bears start knocking at their door. Cole defeats them although Cole's father did want to drink a suicide potion during the fight. The old man cannot believe that the bears could track down where they are. He suggest that bears might have a tracking device, perhaps a nose or rather a GPS, short for Grizzly Positioning System.

- Elk Adventure? Wut? - Big Buck Arcade Apr 14, 2017 Link
Aaron and Emre play an arcade game called the Big Buck Hunter and talk about how the father was on the Supreme Court and started the precedent of looking at men's d*cks to tell if they are guilty, women were always declared guilty.

- Carnivores Reborn Jul 29, 2017 Link
Aaron and Emre play a game called Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. "Son" is in a dinosaur theme park hunting the main attraction for his father, who has an appetite for dino buttholes.

After each dinosaur was killed, "father" would fly out his drone to collect the kill. During his son's long hunts, the father would tell him about his latest endeavors in the film industry and his feud with Jeff Goldblum.

The Tiger King is referenced heavily in this episode.

- "Angry Monster Hunter - Pukey Pukey" Feb 3, 2018 Link
Aaron and Emre play a multiplayer action game called Monster Hunter: World.

- "Angry Hunter - Jeff Goldblum and the Rabbits" Jul 19, 2018 Link
Aaron and Emre play theHunter: Call of the Wild developed by Expansive Worlds and published by Avalanche Studios.

- "Angry Hunter - Deer Butt - TheHunter E02" Jul 24, 2018 Link
Aaron and Emre continue playing theHunter: Call of the Wild.

Other episodes[edit]

# Title Original
YouTube Link

- "About to Record Angry Hunter" Apr 7, 2017 Link
Behind the scenes of the episode "Elk Adventure? Wut? - Big Buck Arcade" (source).

Similarity to other series[edit]

Far Cry 4 Pimps, which is a series created after The Angry Hunter, has a some similarity concerning animal abuse and the discussion of bestiality. A running joke in Far Cry 4 Pimps is the pun "master-baiting," usually discussed in tandem with wrapping bait around their junk or a variation of such.

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